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Since December 2016, we have been responding to advertisement responsibility, taken it as one of our important duties and serious business, since we start the running of this advertise with us page we have few records of advert therefore we want more and henceforth we are chasing the dream of reaching out to millions of people, and this millions of people weare reaching are not virtual but real and bring or introduce something that would benefit to them from our advertiser and patroniser , we render and give services as market, new product , websites traffic and service deivery and company advert. It is needed for all our advertiser to align and accept our rules before they can advertise on our website. OUR GOAL AND RULES. Your advert reach out to millions weekly, hundred thousand monthlyand atleast thousands daily. This is possible for us and we work according to your request. Thousands of impression is possible on your advertisement. Sizes of banner are available and it depends on your request. All customers have the right to give us target and alsowe have the same right to present charges for the target e.g if customer give us target of 5000 views and impression daily , we also have that right to give charges within 24 hrs. 5000 views and impression within 24 hrs e.g Charges as presented is N7500 naira. All reports and statistics are hereby presented to all our customer for loyalty and transparency. We work with time , money , target and people so aas to achieve all the goals will set. We care for your demand and we also plead with you that don’t delay our payment as not to delay your work and services, also we never reject your we work on them. All customers have the right to ask for their report on their advert during and after the advertisement. To simply advertise with us simply contact us on our page

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