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The need to form an alliance for 2019 elections By Papa T

The need to form an alliance for 2019 elections

Firstly I'll love to start with one of Fela Durotoye's posts on Instagram. He wrote, "2019 Election is not just an election, it is a junction in the history of our Nation, it's a junction between going forward to our future or going back to our past, we are going to have to decide if we want to go back to what it is that we've always heard, then that's what you want to give to your children; that's fine, but if you want to go forward to give your children a new Nation that they will be proud of and you yourself will be proud to bring your passport out if you go anywhere else in the world. A new Nation where things work not just for few people but for everybody, a new Nation where anybody can become somebody just by giving their best to what they are doing, a new Nation where there's no Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, a new Nation where all of us are first Nigerian and Nigeria works for everybody, then we need that new Nation and it is 2019 that we are going to vote for that Nation, we are not voting for people; we are voting for the Nation."

Wow, what a wonderful speech! I have been following Fela Durotoye for a while before he declared his intention for the 2019 presidential election. When I confirmed his intention to run for president, I was happy and shared the news on my social media pages (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, that will not stop me from sharing my view and saying the truth. I came across a post in April that Omoyele Sowore, Thomas-Wilson Ikubese, Kingsley Moghalu, Fela Durotoye, Donald Duke, Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies, Enyinnaya Nnaemeka Nwosu, Ahmed Buhari, Adesanya Fegbenro-Bryon, Charles Udeogaranya, Adamu Garba II, Mathias TsadoMathias Tsado, Eniola Ojajuni, Olu James Omosule, Tope Fasua among others had declared their intentions to contest the election. The post revealed their ages, achievements, previous offices, and other details. Im only interested in the aforementioned aspirants because most of them are under 50-year-old. Since that day, different thoughts have been going through my mind as a concerned Nigerian who's also tired of the state of the country. I will love to taste of the good part of this great nation because I've been opportune to have conversations with some elderly people that enjoyed the good side of Nigeria and I've been told of how good Nigeria was then. Some said they gave them cars during their service year, while some shared their experiences on how they didn't struggle to get jobs. Things were very cheap then and the Naira was very important and valuable. Those were the days when the Naira was more respected than the Pounds Sterling. Traveling overseas was easy because you didn't have to travel there to start hustling like now. I even learnt that people used to come from overseas to study in Nigeria (at University of Ibadan and others). All these good experiences they shared coupled with my thoughts led me to come to a conclusion.
Sirs, if truly you're all interested in the betterment of Nigeria and not that you're been used by our leaders (politrickians) to divide the youths votes in order for them to have their way, I see no reason why you all can't come together to talk/discuss. If possible, disagree to agree and come out with a positive decision by uniting under one body in order for our votes to count. I have gone through/heard of the speech which contain your plans for the betterment of Nigeria and all you all want is better future for Nigeria, then why can't you all come together to defeat these old men? Sirs, I want you all to forget the fact that it's one of you that will become the President, which doesn't mean anything as the rest could go for other offices. With this, all sensible youths that are interested in the great future of the country will back you up with all they have. As of now, most youths are confused on who to vote for. Some have not even bothered to get their PVCs because they believe their votes will not co

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