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NIKE Saying Nigeria Jersey Was 3 million Pre- orders Before Sold out Was A False Information - Sport Analyst.

Nike Saying Nigeria super Eagles jersey has over 3 million pre-orders before it was sold out was a real wrong information , because on Nigeria Nike website..the jersey was their available on the  website , but it  cannot be ordered for, but while on US and UK Nike website , it can be ordered plus shipping at the rate of $90, this has been as a result of our priacy also a negativity on the side of nigeria , as fear of Aba boys grip NIKE , if released by them to Nigeria even though it was our Jersey.

The sport analyst also said this morning that, Nike designed for over 10 countries but Nigeria Jersey was one of the best jersey and this is because of its beauty , that is the reason why people has order it in a haste and nothing like 3 million sold out was a false information. Though that people bought it very well. Nigeria jersey was sold out in England and other countries.
He also said the world cup is officially starting by June 14 which be opened by Russia the host country and Saudi arabia.

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