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5 Lyrics Language Every Singer Cant Do Without.

#1- On the beat.
#2-Name of the producer
#3-Name of the singer
#4-Prepositional words
#5-Explicit slangs 
#1 On the beat : Is one of the lyrics slang always being used and mentioned by most Nigeria  singer, at the beginning of most hip pop song the word " on the beat" Is always being mention by the musician or either mix by the dj or either the musician and they always hit it big on their song.
#2 Name of producer: #2 is one of the song made lyrics slang always being mentioned by the musician,who has sang the song, the producer name is mostly being mentioned because such medium is an avenue of making popularity and advert for them and this platform hereby name the most direct promotion and advert for producers.
#3 Name of singer: The owner of the song, I mean the musician that owns the song is #3 best lyrics nigeria music slang been used so far, while it was #3 was that most of them don't mention their name, once they are star fans recognise their voice,  therefore they label their name with the song tag or it is written in the music video,  they also do this for confirmation to their fans that they actually perform in the song, they have a way of framing their name in the song.
#4 Propositional words: #4 nigerian composed song lyrics slang is Thelma of propositional words composed by the musician and been together to make music melody rise in form of any sound it has been produced, this propositional words are commonly and marked as pronounced clearly in the music, fans appreciate also when they hear music stars lyrics clearly
#5 Explicit slang
#5 is the most shocking and dangerous,all because it has a age limit and it is meant for some type of fans, the explicit slang is usually been indicated with a violence tiny sound as a message to the fans that it is an explicit slang in the lyrics written by the musician and this explicit slang are not meant for the people in the class of fast addiction which enables words to stick once to a hearing, as a fact this explicit slang are also used mostly by the street artist and lot of international act.
Finally, inside the explicit sound we have the class of fans that read explicit slang lyrics and spread it other people this has been the shocking fact so far....!!

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