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Samsung S9 Coming out and Set to be realeased - See specifications and features.

It's finallyhere: thelatest and,perhaps,greatest from Samsung
It's finally here – theSamsung Galaxy S9 has been officially unveiled on stage at the brand's MWC 2018 press conference, alongside the Galaxy S9 Plus .
To celebrate, we've put together a guide to everything you need to know about the brand new flagship phone. That includes the spec, design, releasedate, the latest on pricing and much, much more.
We've got photos of the handset so you cansee what it looks like, andwe break down the key new features, including the new and improved rear camera, AR Emojion the front camera and improvements to Samsung's Bixby virtual assistant.
Scroll down to geta full picture of what the phone looks like, split across various categories.
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What's the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 news?
It's official: we now know everything we need to about the new phone. Keep scrolling down this page to learn all about the handset.
What is the Samsung Galaxy S9 price?
We know the Galaxy S9 will cost £739 or $719.99 (about AU$1310) SIM-free directly from Samsung, but exact pricing for other markets is currently unclear. In the UK, that's a huge price jump over last year'shandset, which cost £689 at launch, andit's the same price as the reports our sources told us before it was made official.
Today's best Samsung GalaxyS9 deals
No price information View Similar at Amazon We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices What's the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date?
The Samsung Galaxy S9 launch date is today (February 25)and the phone will be up for pre- order in thenext few hours or days depending on where you live. You'll be able to get thephone in your hands from March 16.
Samsung Galaxy S9 release date
Samsung Galaxy S9 was announced on stage at MWC 2018 Galaxy S9 pre-orders open now in Europe, March1 in the US Galaxy S9 releasedate set for March 16
The Samsung Galaxy S9 was officially unveiled on stage at MWC 2018, but it won't beon shop shelves just yet.
If you want tobuy the Galaxy S9, you'll beableto pre-orderit from 7PM GMT on February 25 in the UK – that's rightafter the launch event. Thosein the US have to waituntil March 1 for pre-orders to open, and we've yet to learn about the timing for the rest of theworld.
As for when you'll actually get the phone, the Galaxy S9 release date is set for March 16 globally. You may want to pre- order toensure you getyour device on that date, but everyone will be able to buy it from March 16 2018. But how much is it going toset you back?
Samsung Galaxy S9 price
Official SIM free price set at £739 / $719.99 if you buy from Samsung Those in Australia will likely find it for around AU$1300 Further pricing is set to follow, and we'll updatewhen we know more
Samsung has confirmed the price of the Galaxy S9 in the UK at £739 and $719.99 in the US (about AU$1310). Right now we don't know pricing for Australia, but we'll updatethis piece once we hear more.
In the UK, we've only currently heard of contract pricing from EE. Deals there start at £53 a month with an upfrontcost of £150. That gets you 4GB of data every month as well as unlimited minutes and texts.
In the UK, it's a 7% price increase over last year, but a massive 25% bump from the price of the Galaxy S7 .
We also don't know any specific US or UK contract pricing yet, but we'll besure to update here when we hear from the major networks and carriers on both sides of the Atlantic.
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Samsung Galaxy S9 screen
Smaller upper and lower bezels than the Galaxy S8 A 5.8-inchQHD+ screen with 567 pixels per inch Same Infinity Display design we've seen onGalaxy S8 and Note 8
The Samsung Galaxy S9 doesn't offer any major improvements over the display on theGalaxy S8 – there's sadly no

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