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With the heart and sign of freedom by the freeborn
I Look unto the sky,
Looking down the earth,
See how the creatures move.
With no sign of weariness,
Flies the birds of the sky,
From a tree to the other,
Feeding on what has been provided by the creator.
With no sign of fear,
Flies the birds of the sky,
Flies with the great endowment of its wings,
Little wonder the great book describes the manner of its nutrition.
With no sign of shame and shock,
the fowls move,
Its manner of mating depicts its originated freedom.
Without considering the disposition of her parents,
a baby moves around,
extending its arms of love,
to all without discrimination.
With a heart as white as snow,
the baby plays with those who are not at peace with his parent,
the parents lament on the manner of life he lives,
yet it exhibits the attribute of freedom divinely deposited in him.
Are we really free?
Free from the hands of deceit,
Free from the fear of being oppressed,
Free from the oppressors,
Free from our leaders in power who pose themselves as our maker.
Do we claim to be free from those who killed our freedom fighters?
Free from bloody hands and unclean lips full of deceit,
Free from the religious fighter who claim to be the head and foolishly forgot we are ‘ONE’.
Then sing to withhold her honour and glory.
Then my instinct tells me,
Freedom remains an illusion until we unite ourselves and uphold the flag of freedom. With this we shall receive those blessings back from our ancestors.
We shall move as freeborn,
We shall then be ONE under the umbrella of unity.


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