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Dear folks, happy and prosperous new year to you all. I will love to educate you all beyond the classroom. I have titled this piece;
 Are you really educated? This is the question I have asked countless number of people. However, people seem to conceive the ideology that the tertiary institutions have a monopoly on education. They think they will learn everything needed in school. Is this true? Does real education exists only in the four walls of the colleges, polytechnics,and the universities?
 Let me reveal this. In a few months, I will be graduating from the university and getting a degree as many have done. I began to wonder, " will this degree be less valuable? Should I be worried about the competition?" I am not!
  I can comprehend why people think in such manner. They should because they don't have any real knowledge. We all know that a degree is a piece of paper. Being handed a paper of stating your degree doesn't automatically mean that you are smart or that you can produce value. Moreover, it is not a stamp of you as being really educated.
    Education, over and over again, everywhere you turn is strongly advocated for, most especially in a developing nation like ours.
   Ditto, does not mean the ability to read and write - LITERACY. This is where the problem lies. Many literates people pride themselves as such. Unfortunately, majority accept literate people as the educated.
Scholars today define Education, "as the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the power of reasoning, judgement, and preparing oneself or the others intellectually for great transformation".
      Many young people leave their homes each day to acquire literacy and in the process ignore "EDUCATION". They graduate as literate or for a more apt description" ERUDITE" in a particular field but not really educated.

You don't get educated at school, but rather taught. Education: what is it?

1. Reasoning and judgement
It must be superior to the man on the street. It should be  sound, balanced and productive. This is the superior intellectual power.

2. Reflect in your conduct and behaviors
If you are really educated, it  will definitely reflect in your lifestyle. This will determine the level of respect you are accorded by others. You will behave appropriately.
 Many are literates because they are schooled. Few are educated due to knowledge gained and development of good characters-  Onah Lynda

3.being educated bring about intellectual power, superior thing, emotional intelligence, better behavior and ways of doing things. It is the key to deriving superior methods of producing superior answers.
  It is a misfortune that we should let schooling overrule our education.
 A truly educated person that will prosper in this dispensation will not only go to school but acquire the knowledge that leads to creativity that propound solutions to today's challenges and loving lifestyles.
 Dear friends, Sound education stand you out of the crowd. Education is real knowledge. Go for it!

Written by
 ONAH LYNDA ( sedulousleo)
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