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In the evening,
Aina barely made it in time to escape the rain before she entered the restaurant. She had traveled to three different places all in forty eight hours and it took it toll on her. She traveled to Delta to meet her fiancé’s parents. His parents were loving and they accepted her as their daughter. She had slept in their home and the following morning, she had traveled back to her parents house at Ogbomosho for their anniversary and six pm she was in Lagos already. She felt very weak. She should be on bed resting like her fiance suggested but her best girl was celebrating today and she had to be there. She sighed as rode the elevator to the first floor. Her mind took in all her plans and she was pleased with the shape they took. Soon, very soon she would triumph over them all. She stepped out of the elevator and walked casually in the midst of teeming crowd moving in and out of Ronny Restaurant. She smiled, the place was beautiful with the lighting. The interior of the restaurant was decorated in serene shades of blue and gray. The chairs and tables sat in cozy groupings and the floor was mirror like. It was shining as she looked at her reflection. A pleasant faced lady whom she believed was one of the employees greeted her and handed her fruit juice. She drank it in one gulp and nodded her thanks returning the glass cup to her. She saw her friend through the architectural glass and called out to her.
“Madam, she can’t hear you. Do you have your invitation card so you could come inside” the lady said smiling at her.
“I thought it’s free for all” Aina said
“Yes ma, in the afternoon ” she informed
“Go in there, and tell her Aina is here” she instructed
Aina watched the lady mulled over her words and began to shook her head, she stopped her and promised her she was not in trouble
Aina laughter rang out as she saw Adunni struggled to run with her heels. The sliding door opened and Aina embraced her tightly.
“Aina Orosun” Olaronke mimicked Aina’s mother
“Shut up” she retorted
“I feel complete with you here” Olaronke said and released her to move back to the group.
“I’m always happy to see you happy” Aina said smiling
Olaronke introduced her to the men in the small group, most of them were her husband’s friends whom she never met before until today.
“And this handsome man there is my husband” she grinned.
Aina made a great show of her excitement by holding Wande’s two big hands in her small ones.
“I am pleased to meet you. I must tell you something about Adunni. She has a good heart, she’s not arrogant and she deserves all the happiness in the world. You will never regret marrying her. Do you know even with our age difference, she has always respect me like we are equal. Please do take care of her” her voice clogged with tears
“Aina” Olaronke chided taking her friend into another embrace.
“Don’t cry, trust me the trouble days are over. I have everything I want now. My family and a husband who cares about me” she would have said a husband who loved her but she was not sure of Wande’s feelings towards her.
“And you my best friend is here with me. What more can I ask for. Come, let’s go and greet my Dad” Olaronke said taking her along.
Mr and Mrs Olaonipekun sat in one of the cozy chairs sampling the meals before them. He was pleased with his daughter’s achievement but his happiness wavered as he watched Adunni walked towards him. She looked exactly like his late wife. It was twenty one years since she died and he still missed her. He wished she was alive to see her trees bore fruits.
“Good evening sir” Aina greeted kneeling down
” Good evening ma” she said including Mrs Olaonipekun
“Stand up, good child. You are here for your friend. God will reward your deeds” Mr Olaonipekun prayed
Aina whitened at Mr Olaonipekun’s prayer. The man was always saying the wrong things to her. She quickly stood up listening to her friend’s loud amen.
“Thank you sir” Aina said forcing a smile
“Aunty Adunni,

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