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Governor John was so panic and shocked, he was dumbfounded as he strangely develop an unimaginable illness in his body, he took his phone to inform the commissioner of police about what just happen but he recalled the armed robbers warning and that means if he inform the police that simply implies that he did not love his daughter and he cannot live to see his daughter alive anymore. “What can I do! What can I do!!” Governor John uttered panicked and confused, he was sweating profusely even when the Air Condition is on and it is working steadily. He rushed out from his bedroom as he opts for my mother’s bedroom.
My mother was fast asleep; she did not even know anything about what just happen earlier in the house, she fall into a deep slumber after a stressful day work as the first lady of the state. My father swiftly hurried to my brothers bedroom, they were all asleep, he was relieved, he got back to his bedroom but he was just walking up and down thinking about the money, I, in the kidnappers custody, and the masses that will suffer for not collecting their salaries and wages. After a lengthy and restraining thinking, he later came to conclude that he will release the money to the armed robbers, and he after he amassed me, then he will plan for another way to pay the masses their salaries and wages.
LOCATION: V™ Forest.
TIME: 2:21PM
“No police officer sir, ah! No soldier o sir, am the only one here, no one is with me.” My father stated.
“Okay sir, straight then I should turn left, okay sir, I should drop the money when I got to the mountain right, okay sir, am on my way going there.” My father replied as he dropped the call.
“Hello Sir, am at the spot you told me to drop the money, yes sir, all the currency are in dollar domination, okay sir I have dropped the money, sir, I should turn back? What about my daughter?” My father asked as he was looking around the vicinity to look if he can sight me around the vicinity.
“When we check the money and it was intact we will told you where you could get your daughter.” Don uttered with some kind of husky voice.
“Yes sir.” My father replied as turn back to leave.
My father’s phone beep, he check the phone it was an unregistered number and it was different from the one he has been using to communicate with the kidnappers, he was confused and shocked, he doubt he knew the caller, he later mustered some courage to pick the call after he has had so many ungodly thoughts that has circulated his mind.
“Hello, please who is this?” Governor John bubbled with a shaky voice.
“Hey friend, long time no chat, no talk and no see how have you been?” The caller addressed with an Americana voice.
“Am fine, but I don’t know you o, please who am I speaking with?” My father asked totally carried away.
“Oh my God, you have forgotten me so easily? Am your friend from U.S.A and I just came back to this Country and am at the airport right now.” The caller narrated.
“Which of my friend? I have a lot of friends in the United State of America o, name yourself please.” My father retorted as he looks around to confirm no one was seeing him.
“Oh my gosh! Come on guy, guess and I know you will guess right, listen to my voice carefully.” The caller boasted.
“Who could that be?” My father asked rhetorically. “Daniel!” My father screamed out loud.
“Whao! Wonderful! Why are you sounding as if you have forgotten my voice?” The caller expressed as he use an American tone to crackle.
“Am so sorry friend, please can you call later, am very busy for now.” My father uttered as he was trying to end the call.
“Men, don’t do that now, what really happen is that, I lost my briefcase am bringing along from the United State of America and the briefcase contain only dollars and I don’t have any cash with me, am at the airport right now and I don’t have any amount to eat, transport, lodge and all other likeable things, can you please send me like Two Hundred Thousand Naira Only, I will pay back when I settle down in Abuja, maybe in two weeks time.” The caller concluded.
“E no go better for you and your entire family, am in this trash, one Yahoo boy dey call me, e wan dupe me, I swear na Ogun (god of iron) go kill you, then Sango (god of fire) go backup the mission and Obatala (god of thunder) will conclude the mission, I swear u never go see joy…” My father was busy cursing the fraudster when he had the beep of his phone; the fraudster has cut the line.
Few seconds later, my father receive a call from Don, he mustered some courage to pick the call.
“Weldon sir, I can see that you have called the policemen, that means you don’t love your daughter and I don’t think you can live to see her alive again. Your selfishness has implicates you, now you will loss two things and that is the masses money and your beloved and only daughter.” Don concluded.
“Gbooom!” My father heard a gunshot through his phone.
“No!” My father screamed out loud…
My father screamed, he knew they must have shot me, he try to call Don but the line has already been switched off, he tried to went back to the spot where he left the money but on getting there, the story has changed, he didn’t meet the money, there is not even a traces of any living habitant or indweller can be found in that vicinity only the likes of the trees that are dancing melodiously to the beats from the breeze and the chirping and singing birds could be heard singing happily. He screamed loudly as he broke down in tears. He heard a gunshot from nowhere, he knew shooter must be aiming him but he missed his target; my father took to his heel, he run as far as his leg could carry him, he run with all the energy his body could gather. After a lengthy and non-stop running, he reached where he parked his car as his reluctantly close the car door behind him, he zoomed off from the forest at a very high speed.
“You mean you were unable to eliminate him?” Senator Jeff asked unbelievably.
“Yes boss, this state has such a smart governor.” Don replicated through the phone.
“Hmmmmm, that means we have to act fast, he is so smart, voguish and unpredictable as you had earlier stated, but he met me in this game we called politics and I will let him know that I have the experience as a professional politician.” Senator Jeff vocalized.
“He can’t act now because I had caused him a huge grieved and the innermost wound I could use in weakens him.” Don restated as he laughed out loud through the phone.
“What is that?” Senator Jeff asked curiously waiting for the answer.
“I had killed his only and beloved daughter, he makes a call during the mission and I am 100% sure that he is contacting the policemen he has planted in the forest. I am so sure that he must be mourning his late daughter.” Don enunciated.
“Wow! Bravo! I trust you g…. but wait Don, there hasn’t been any news broadcasting the death of the Governor’s daughter.” Senator Jeff announced confusingly and surprisingly.
“The reporter couldn’t know, the governor himself couldn’t dare broke the ugly news out, the masses will asked him for the corpse of his late daughter, how will he present the corpse, he couldn’t find the corpse.” Don summarized as he broke down to laugh wickedly.
“Don you are such an amazing goon, I know only you can do this, send me your account details let me forward some change to you, and as for the money leave it as for now, keep the cool cash safe and secured no other person must know about the money. Deal?” Senator Jeff crackled happily.
“Already deal boss.” Don replied as he frown his face.
“Okay will we talk about the money later, let deal with this ignorant governor.” Senator Jeff declared.
“Okay sir, just let me know if I may help. Okay, Bye sir” Don uttered as he dropped the call.
The family of Governor John Oyewole was mourning the death of the only female child of the family serenely, the people, even the reporter did not know the misfortune that had emerged in the family, they made the mourning a silence one to the extent that the securities didn’t know, Senator Jeff on the other hand has been planning for the ways to eject Governor John Oyewole as the Executive Governor of my state, he aimed to install a puppet that he will be able to control as the Governor. After many dirty looking thoughts Senator Jeff concludes to meet the Commissioner of Police of the state in furnishing his plan.
“Are you sure of what you are saying sir?” The COP asked in disbelieved.
“COP I can’t lie to you, I know all he was trying to do is to embezzle all the money in taking into his own personal account, the money meant to be shared by the politicians, this state only owned its workers 6-8 months’ salaries, I see no reason we must pay them now since it is not up to a year, Commissioner Governor John informed me that he will fight corruption and you know we are not pure and holy, he also vow that we will only be entitled to our salaries, all the allocations and the allowances of the civil servants we suppose to be sharing, he threatened to be sharing the money to their rightful owners (workers), COP, I tried to convince him that this is not the way we play the game but he turn deaf hears to my words and he seems not to ready to heeled to my words and that is why I am here to update you on the latest.” Senator Jeff uttered with a serious but fake expression glowing on his face.
“Governor John! Hmmmmm! He is toying with a python tail, don’t worry my senator, I know what to do, give me some minutes, I will be right back.” COP said as he opts out from the scene.
COP was visibly seen in the scene, Senator Jeff was busy dipping down the fruit juice he was served, the Commissioner of Police sat opposite Senator Jeff as the conversation begin.
“Here is the strategy and the punishment of the governor for denying us.” COP uttered with some kind of husky voice as dropped a note on the table facing him.
Senator Jeff cross-checked the note, he dropped the note after he had examined the note and it seem he has understand what the note was insinuating.
“I pray this work.” Senator Jeff concluded as the stage light faded off gradually.
“Your Excellency, please can you meet me at my office, an issue broke out, and if you can come the issue may be solved.” It was the COP calling my father.
“Commissioner no problem, am on my way right away.” My father replied as he rushed out from the Governor’s office.
All his thoughts were based on those kidnapper or let say armed robbers, he thought they may have been apprehended, he rush to the car garage, his driver jumped into the car, the escorting policemen and other forces rushed into their vans and cars.
“Your Excellency, where is own destination?” The driver asked as he was trying to start the car.
“Commissioner of Police Office and you has to be fast.” My father stated totally disturbed.
The driver zoomed out from the government house; he was driving the car at the maximum agility of the well tinted G-Wagon as the escorting forces were all running after the G-Wagon.
The governor sat down facing the Commissioner of Police, they were both speechless for some minutes, they were just looking at each other face just then the commissioner of police pick up his telephone as he made a call.
“Bring those criminal into my office.” The commissioner of police declared as he dropped the telephone.
The governor was looking into the eyes of the commissioner, he notice the commissioner was just shaking his head, the COP was looking at him with a disregarding looks, he wanted to confront him by asking him the problem but he opt to be patient and see the criminals he was talking about.
Some policemen drag in two tattered looking young guys in their early 20s, my father looks into the eyes of the commissioner, he was like how was this one concern me, it seems he had never see the faces before, even the faces are exceptional from those armed robbers that broke into the Government House some days ago, he seems confused and disturbed just then one of the criminal broke the silence.
“E godfather o, two hand raised for you only, I know you sure pass dead, I know we cannot sleep here again tonight, sebi I tell you {he tickled the second criminal}, baba (godfather), Your Excellency, the policemen caught us o, they caught us when we are transporting the money to another countries, godfather, I swear it remain only small to complete the mission, one sergeant Johnson, that officer na mad man o, he is the one that caught us, we try to give him some bribe as you have taught us but that officer craze pass those people at the psychiatric hospital, when I offer him the bribe, godfather, I swear na some thunderous slaps he landed on my face, I staggered a bit, you too dey surprise maybe the charm you gave us did not work, godfather I swear the charm work, I think that officer too get juju, because when he slap me, my eyes was blinded for some minutes, I regain my sight here at the police station, godfather, we have been here since yesterday, they have beat us like a kidnapper caught with a baby, godfather, when this beating was too much, we later gave them the information that you be our godfather…” The first criminal narrated in Nigeria-made English as the second criminal barged into his words.
“godfather, two hand raised for you only, godfather, I swear god waste the sand he use to create us, he should have use the sand to create a shoe for you, godfather, you sure pass devil, godfather, we know say if we keep on suffering without your knowledge is like we are only wasting our time here, godfather, I know you must have been trying our calls, those policeman here they are very mad including the DPO and this state COP, can you believe they stole our international sim you bought for us for Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#500,000) what surprise me be say they leave the phone and only stole the sim card, I don’t know what they see in the sim, that is where corruption stated o, how can a police man that was a thief arrest his fellow thief, sebi they are into the same profession, godfather we later gave them your information and details, you dey wonder how we did it and we have not die, godfather, we two don dey craze {laugh}, we have meet with the herbalist that made the covenant for us, we have give him some change and he have help us to break the covenant, godfather I know your been here is only to release us, give this Commissioner of Police some change, I sure say he go bury the case, he go like money as I dey see him so.” The second criminal uttered in pidgin English.

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