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Hot Ice 18



While I was still wondering who must have killed these people, Mr Peter appeared at the entrance, brought out his pistol and shot madam Secretary. She died. Then walked up to Bayo and Fidelis who were now gasping and struggling to live. He kicked them hard and said;

"That cocaine was already laced with a rat poison, so there's no way you wouldn't die. You can't out smart your coach. It's either you play by the rules or you don't play at all. RIP brothers!"

I was shocked when he said all that and ended their miserable lives with a gunshot emblished in their chests.  For a man who thinks bullets had no power to penetrate his skin, he slumped in seconds, surrendering to the high-velocity missiles directed at his mortal vessel. His fragile human body could not withstand the pitiless hail of gunfire, amplified by the metallic shelves behind them. 

I can't seems to believe what I saw, Mr Peter? He planned everything all along. 

"Nicholas, Raymond, Samantha, Edwin, none was related to what happened to you or your parent. I justhave to take revenge in one way or the other." He said laughing at his achievement.

I didn't keep my mouth shut, different flash backs flashed through my head and I became so enlightened. 

"It's been you all along. Hmmm.... Nice plan! Why killed your brothers and want to take everything all by yourself?"

"Me? Killed my brother? Never! Bayo, stand up!!"

I watched in amazement. The true brothers were Peter and Bayo. Fidelis was an adopted brother not blood. They used him to a large extent. They got to pretend to make everything looks real. Bayo woke up and hugged his brother.

"You are a bad guy bro. At least everything will end now. (Turned to me), I borrowed you my wife and Fiancee for six years to be able to have a clean plan. Instead, she stupidly fell in love with you. As if that was not enough, she neutralizes all the drugs I gave to her. She went ahead and havp a baby for you." Bayo said jokingly.

Peter came to me and started hitting my head with the edge of his pistol.

"You went on memory loss, instead to remain there, yet you wanted to find out what this led to. I hate your family. After my father helped your father with his Kidney. He still went ahead to kill him. Well, you can be a soldier, but we are more sophisticated than you. We know people in every important spheres of life. And that is why we have smooth game. Well, if I tell you that your children, that I mean your twins whom you tried to saved from the burning house the other day are still alive, Wil you believe me?"

Hearing that, I was filled with great joy amidst a great fraudstration and life threatening situation. I wanted to talk, but my countenance depicted my joy. I didn't even care to die any longer. I wanted him to also talk about Oyin also. Samantha reaped what she sowed. I cared less. Peter went ahead.

"By tomorrow morning, your daughter will also join them at the motherless babies home. Just incase your spirit would like to visit them, I didn't change their names. Am not as stupid as your father. Nothing stopped him from giving my Dad seventy percent of his company's profit. Or even everything. But because he was no more or scared to ask for it, we decided to do it for him."

I just looked downcasted and wondering what was going to happen next. I am ready for what ever surprise they have again. Bayo also came over and punched me hard too. He held my face, spat on it and gave me a upper-cut. I nearly fainted.

"We would have killed you silently, but the last time your wife came to the office, she took the files that guaranteed our successful take over of your father's company kept in the safe. That was why we came really hard on you. Though we had the plan to wipe you out before, we only intensified our plans. Your wife said it was kept with Pat, we have been there, and found nothing. We killed her too. Hahahaha. Then shortly before Samantha was shot, she confessed that, you collected the file and helped her to keep it. Now, we are going over to your house to retrieve it. It wasn't meant to be in your custody. It is the Gucci bag we talking about. If you try something foolish, I will burst your head. Edwin was killed because he knew too much."

Lesson, always finish your enemy when you had the opportunity to, waiting another moment might be the cause of your nightmare. They underestimated me. Peter did not support them taking me to my house, but Bayo convinced him. While they were planning and reloading their rifle, I deep my hands in the side of the cushion where the knife was hidden, and heed it by my waist. Soon, they punched me repeatedly, untied me then led me to their SUV van.

In the van they also kept the security man's daughter and her kids, and my most adorable princess was with them. The more I looked at her repeatedly, the hunger to finish these two fools  intensely increase tremendously.

It was the midnight and everywhere was silent. I quickly had a thought of what I could do with them inside my house. It is my house, my safe haven. You can beat the king outside his kingdom, but at home, until his last breath, he will continue to fight. My territory is my only safest defense.

We got to my house, my gateman has been killed. He didn't touch the bread. They led me inside, commanded me to get the file and after which they would set my house ablaze. Bayo was holding a twenty-five litres of petrol in a jerrican.

I took the file and gave it to Peter. He punched me again, but at the time, the rope used to tied my hands rested on the knife hidden by my waist, and it became very light and could break at every little stretch. I groaned in pain but I held my hands to the back still. On our way back to the sitting room, I saw my electrical breaker/switched. I took a deep breath before taking the last risk. I stretched and the rope was cut.

I turned suddenly, kicked Peter, then jumped to switched off the electricals box. Everywhere became dark. He began to shoot sporadically at every corner, thinking it will hit me. I made a false cry as if I was shot. Peter laughed out loud and said;

"Ahahahahah, you think you can go scot free right? Nah..."

He brought out his phone, switched on the touch light to see who was groaning in pain. He checked the kitchen and couldn't find me. He was shocked as he heard a movement behind him, he quickly turned but before he could pulled the trigger or made I sliced his throat. Then switched back the light on again..

Bayo spoke from the sitting room thinking it was his brother playing with light.

"Bros no time for this play nah...You see ghost? Abi nah wetin make you dey shoot like that?  Abeg.  I don wet the entire house with the petrol, shoot his legs and let's go."

Since he said his brother should shoot me on the leg, I took his pistol and shot Peter four times. The idiot laughed from the seating room. I then suddenly appeared before him. His heart almost jumped out of his mouth. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. I came out with reddest eyes ever.

"After all said and done, the wicked shall die by their wickedness. Evil people will surely be punished, but the children of the godly will go free. Proverbs 11: 21."

Venting my anger on him wouldn't bring back all that I have lost. Those that had died, my parent, my wife and her pregnancy, everybody wouldn't come back. I like him because at this time he became very obedient. Everything I told to do, he did it without asking any questions. I collected his phone and recorded all that he confessed. Then I told him to bath himself with the remaining petrol that was meant to be used for me. I told him to sit down conniving placed his slain brother on his laps as I walked out of the building.

I didn't shoot his limbs or beat him but she knew what was expected of him. I stayed in the van and waited for him to do the necessary. As soon as I saw the building engulfed in fire. Following his cries, I left. To the house it's a goodbye to bad memories. Good radiant to bad rubbish.

God has a way of rewarding every man. Do what you think is right.


Samantha survived the gunshots, and now we are back together, our house is light up with great joy. All my kids are back under my roof, and to Samantha, she was scared to ask if I had forgotten all that she did to me.

Sincerely friends, she is my wife and nothing would make me leave her. We made a commitment to stand by each other through the hot, cold or even hot-ice situations. Am not gonna make a mistake of saving a life while looking for an excuses of not wanting them. Abeg face your work now, am done with this.

Thanks for your time and see you next time. Once again, I am Private NICHOLAS R. DANIELS. If you can't beat them, let them learn from you.


Story Title: HOT ICE

God bless you all.

Anticipate another one

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