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Hot Ice 17



I came back to the store where it all started I met half of the people I left with Mr Bayo dead and the other half wounded. Police and paramedics we're attending to lots of them. I was scared that they had taken Mr Bayo with them. The officers at the crime scene denied my entrance into the store.

I stood still wondering what could have happened to these people before the arrival of the police. Something is definitely wrong somewhere. I walked some metres away from store, saw my office building. I recollected my first day at the company. The warm welcome and the training that followed.

There's was a certain room with the inscription "Out Of Bound To All Staffs JF Meeting in Progress." Could it be what am thinking about? I stood in front still wondering what went wrong. They denied my promotion three times and on the fourth one these happened. Could it be that the operation was to be carried out that same day? But what makes my presentation so matter to them? Could my bosses be aware of these? Yes, a room in his company cannot be used for a cult meeting without his consent. Perhaps, he was also a member or supporter of their evil act?

Come to think of it, every six months scores of applicants are gathered and taken for training in Faraway Tunisia. But as soon as they take them there, little will be heard of them. Later, we would organized a burial Thanksgiving for them. Hmmmm.... This was a clear indication that these people are using these people. I decided to visit the company one more time. 

It's already 9pm and I was so strong like a mountain. The anger venting in me could melt the strongest iron. The gate was opened ajar, I didn't see the gateman and other security men. I walked in without fear, every where was so quiet like a grave yard, except for feign sounds coming from afar. Still, I was determined to find out anything hidden about this JF.

The biggest mistake they made was to have involved me in their pursuit. They unskinned me, I am not going to spare not even a single member. Every step I made was a sure path to either a devastating discovery or a quatum of liberty.  Suddenly I heard gunshots emanating from the top floor.

I quickly took the stairs and ran as fast as I could to identify where the shot was coming from. It was a four storey building. On getting to the second floor, I saw traces of blood. I removed my shoes and decided to use it against the wall to making it a decoy. At least to make it sound as if someone is running toward their direction. It was a type of trick I called "trick the tricker".

Suddenly two men fully armed came out and pointed their guns towards me. But before they could pulled the trigger, I had used the wall as a shield. The two men believed so much in their weapons so they decided to come attack me straight a way.

They did tried but a silent killer did his job perfectly well. Their knifes were used to keep them mute for the rest of the night. Or a life time Sha. They forgot to do some background research on whom their target was before embarking on this journey of no return. I checked from office to office and there was nothing. I moved to the next floor and there I saw Mr Peter lying in the pool of his blood. I dragged him to another office. Without saying anything to me he gave up the ghost. I was so pained again. How did Mr Peter got to this place? To answer it, he once worked there as a driver. That was long ago. Hmmm... Cool observation.

Then, I saw Mr Bayo running towards me shouting for help. I was shocked to see him too, but safety first. I turned to him, and asked what was chasing him.

"Bro, who was chasing you? And how did you got here?"

"Some of the men you think you killed suddenly woke up and started shooting sporadically and I had no other option than to surrender. They brought me here after killing those innocent people. The man there just let me free." 

I felt a sharp pinch on my toe but I ignored. Something is not right with this Mr Bayo and the news he just told me. I don't half-kill an enemy who proved threatened to me. Perhaps, there was a mistake on my part. I told him to follow me as we work slowly to the next floor. 

As we approach the secluded office of the JFs I started hearing a baby crying. I knew right away that was my Oyin crying faintly. I could hear people talking in another office as if they were waiting for a guest speaker. I peeped through the key hole and what I saw offshoot my imagination. I turned to ask Mr Bayo whether he knew about this group, but instead he brought out a plank and smashed my head twice. I quickly pretended to pass out.

Few minutes later, I opened my eyes after they have succeeded in tying me to a cushion chair. I saw my boss, his assistant, my father's old side-chick and secretary, Fidelis, my greatest nightmare, Mr Bayo and few other top members who were my father's conglomerates. They were seven men and two women.

Contrary to what Mr Peter told me, Fidelis isn't the real leader of the JF but Mr Bayo himself. He and Fidelis are the two sons of the then Chief Mendez, who was my father's best friend. My boss and his assistant we're only figure heads. Nothing surprised me anymore. I grinned as I scanned through their faces. All I no see were living corpses.

I watched as Fidelis and Bayo brought out some white powdered substances, and melted it under a heated lighter then filled syringe with the melted substances. They both sat in my front and inserted it into their hands. I presumed what they took was cocaine. Soon, the trend went round. Except my father's side-chick. Maybe she refused to take it because she was old. After few minutes Fidelis stood up began to talk.

But before he started talking, Madam Secretary started winking at me at intervals. She was telling me something with her eyes but I couldn't decode until I felt a cut in my hand. A knife was hidden and kept in that cushion ever before I was captured. Which means she preemptively played along with their plan. At this crucial moment of my life, must be very calculative before I act. Any mistake will definitely jeopardize my existence. Because, nearly all of them might have a weapon hung by their waste. They would.

Fedelis moved towards me, punched my face more than four times. Then he embellished his words in my skull.

"I don't know why you are too quick to trust people. According to what we heard, this was the same problem your father has. He was so blind and even thought this world was created for him alone. Now see where you found yourself? Useless being like a useless life. So worthless like his father."

Mr Bayo also spoke. "That stupid bitch you called a wife truncated our plans four times in four years. I hope she rut in hell. You wanted to know the truth, and now that you have know my true personality, it's a bit too late. Our mission to completely wipe out your family will be completed today. Oh yes... But before you die, you will sign a document for us. Your signature may necessarily not important, we would kill you and cut ur thumb to get what we wanted."

"We have waited eleven years for this. Am glad you believed, (coughing)......"

The cough continued for more than two minutes and then he fell. Blood sneaked out of his nose. He quickly looked at his brother. I don't understand that look but it is a question of another level of family betrayal. Before i knew what was happening he locked Bayo's shirt and punched him twice. He struggled to voice out;

"I thought we had our plans worked out beautifully well? Why then did you decided to kill me? Am I not a member of our family?" He painful said as blood continued to flow out of his nose. 

As Bayo was about to reply him, he also coughed, after which he vomited a bunch of blood and it splashed on Fidelis's face. They where shocked to be having the same feelings. No, everybody who took the cocaine suffered the cough and the bleedings. One after the other, the seven members fell and bled to death. I was equally surprised when my boss and his assistant also fell and died too.  Who is doing this again?

At this point I became confused.

Wait for the last SAGA!!!!

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