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Hot Ice 16



"Am still yet to imagined how you survived the fire incident. You really proved the kind of soldier you really are." He praised me.

He talks so much like someone who knows my past but wasn't aware that I have regained my lost memory. I turned to him and thanked him.

"Thank you. You spoke like someone who knows me well enough. Am I right?"

"Yup, that's true. My name is Peter, I was with your family for three years. I know about the fire incident, I know about you Private Nicholas Daniels, a gallant volunteer force of the United States Army, Platoon 4, with code number 24580."

"Wow!! That's impressive. Is that how you dig deep into your victims profile?"

"Not necessarily okay to go through that hurdles. Nicholas, I was the driver who took your family to your parents house before we were attacked. I was shot twice and left to die in the compound. But I stood up and ran out of the house. It was then I called you to informed you of the impediment."

"Hmmm..... All I could remember was that I was carrying my twins before an explosion took them away from me. I still wonder how I lost my entire family in that fire incident. They slaughtered my father too. Since you are very close to him, maybe you can tell me who killed my father?"

"There's more to what you saw that day and that is why you are still been haunted by the same cult group who killed your father."

"A cult group killed my father? How?"

"Your father was a member, a very active one and their Patron before he discovered they were using human being as sacrifices. He then stopped giving them the required support and that was when the problem started."

"Problem as how? How did you even come across all this information? Because my father never withheld vital informations from me. What is all this all about?"

"Hahahahaha I was more available than you. Or have you forgotten you were fighting to save another man's country? After second Kidney transplant, he fell sick again and needed another surgery again. Do you remember Chief Mendez? Your dad's closest friend."

"Yes, the same Chief Mendez, that owned te Drill-Petrol Chemicals and BOYS-oil? I think his children were attending the same school with me back then."

"Yes... Glad your memory is functioning very well. He was the leader of the JACULA Confraternity. I know you must have heard the code J15 before. They are the same thing. Chief Mendez was J1. As the overall Chairman."

"Does my father has a code?"

"Hmm.... He has no code. He was only sponsoring them when the needs arises."

"Then what happened between my father and Chief Mendez that he has to kill my father."

"No....don change the story please. I was there. Your father's sickness was getting out of hand and on the other hand, Chief Mendez was struck with an incurable disease that made his back to rotten. Knowing fully well that he was not going to survive the sickness, Chief Mendez offered his Kidney as an investment into your father's business. His business was losing so much equity, and has been put up for sale several time. All their shareholders withdrew their stocks and that prompted him wanted to partner with Chief Daniels, your father. A short meeting was then organized and their lawyers were present. They reach an agreement and signed a MOU that Chief Mendez is only entitled to twenty percent of his annual profit share of the company."

"But how could my father exchanged a portion in his company for a kidney? It doesn't make any sense! He should have bought it from him instead. Besides, there are many Kidney donours around us! Stupid trade by barter my foot!!"

"On the contrary sir, he didn't accepted twenty percent profit share. Instead, he increased it to thirty percent. On the premise that he was his close friends and deem it fit to pay him back for his goodwill."

"How did you know this? Are you sure you are not the one who killed my father?"

"Wait, your father envisaged what could happened in the near future. He told me to handed over the letter of agreement and some other important documents to me to keep for him. He told me specifically to handed them over to you. Chief Mendez died shortly and the lawyers held meetings with the Mendez children where they told them that, it was your father who killed their father. I reported their antics to your father but he declined and trusted nothing would happened. Let me shock you, Chief Mendez's children killed your parents,your wife and ...."

"Arrrrgh!!! So what is their connection with Samantha and my baby?"

"Everything your wife told you are true. She was formally working for J15, which was Fidelis and his brother. They killed your family and took over your father's company."

"You mean Fidelis and his brother are involved in this? 

You may not know his brother,but he was very close to you. Meanwhile, I arrested Samantha, I know she wouldn't tell you. It was then I told her who you are..."

"Stop trying to get into my head to forgive that beast of a lady. She betrayed our love, our marital vows, she shattered our world. She allowed herself to be used against her family."

"She was used against you, but for the past three years she has sacrificed her life to make sure you are alive to revenge the death of your family. You need her, you need to forgive her and Pat her friend, isn't as bad as you think, she sent those boys to stalk their plans. What you need now is plan B and how to get your baby back."

"Since you know so much about the evil they did to my family, why then did you join them? It means you betrayed your boss. You betrayed his trust in you. Evil people everywhere... No single good person around. Who do I trust now?"

"Don't judge me please. After I paid for your treatment, I was told you suffered memory loss. Pending the time you suffered the illness, I gave you the name 'Raymond'. I then joined the DSS. After three years of training, the JF investigation started and I was made to go undercover for the time being. All I am doing now is for you to come to your right senses and act fast like a soldier whom you have always been. For eleven years I have been keeping an eye on you, and stalking you everyday to make sure you are okay."

I have never been this encouraged in my life. Heaven will judge me if I don't do the needful.

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