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A POEM: Say It by Joseph Jasef



Waiting for the time to pass you by?
Hoping the wind of change will come by ?
I can give a thousand reasons why
For troubling storm wont stop if you dont speak

Your heart beats for the right
Yet you are folded in the carton of timidity
Die no more
All you have to do is Say It & mean it.

Mighty Goliath roar into your ears,
You and the rest shiver like a rat that sight a dog,
You are all silenced and forced to lie - for that may save your lives
Hurt yourself no more, speak the truth.

There is a hell of worries burning in you
But yet you embrace timidity
No, No Dont die in silence
Say it, someone may Inspire

You've builded a relationship in a castle of lies
Now you wish to tell the truth but shy
Don't shrink any longer, say it
Clear your conscience before things fall apart.

Mother and Father handed you over to a trusted Uncle
Dear Lass, but he feast on your fresh laps and chest
You cry and reject but he pledge to take your life if you say it
No, No dont die in silence, Say it out, Tell it to the World.

Hey lad,
Neighbour or someone close is teaching you to Sniff
Advising you to be high to go higher
Hey bro, dont damage your future in silence, Say it Out.

Enslave your cowardness
Put on the garment of Moremi
Bind your fears and Cast to the sea
Break the Spell...

● ● ●


Watchout for Part 2...

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