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5 major Things Only a Nigerian Politician Would Tweet

The kind of politicians we have in Nigeria, are the ones that become suddenly aware of the plight of ordinary Nigerians either when they are trying to contest office orthey’re in the opposition.They suddenly know the solutionsto Nigeria’s mirage of problems, they know all the areas where the government of the day has neglected its duty. They suddenly put on the shoes of the Messiah –and act all innocent as if Nigerians don’t know their past and present.

   According to the United Nations Children’s Fund,@UNICEF, 17 million Nigerian children are stunted due to malnutrition.Yet in this year’s budget, the Federal Government budgeted ₦1.1 billion to clean the NSA’s office. You don’t have to support PDP or APC to know this is wrong.— Ben Murray-Bruce (@benmurraybruce)February 28, 2018

The suffering in the land is becoming unbearable Oh God of all generations. Uproot those who are obstacles to our progress and development as a nation. Manifest yourself as a consuming fire my God!my God. You who was,Who is and Who is to come!— Senator Dino Melaye (@dino_melaye)January 28, 2018

  Here are a few things you would probably hear from only a Nigerian politician.This month, according to the World Poverty Clock, Nigeria has just overtaken India as the world’s capital of extreme poverty. There are more extremely poor people in Nigeria than thereare in India, a country that has six times Nigeria’s population.— Atiku Abubakar (@atiku)February 23, 2018

  On a week when President Buhari boasted that he had fulfilled his 2 biggest campaign promises of Security and Anti Corruption, The#DapchiGirlsincident and Transparency International’s latest CPI showed him the limits of propaganda. Mr. President,you have FAILED on those scores— Ben Murray-Bruce (@benmurraybruce)February 23, 2018

   Our elite are treated in Europe.#BBNaijais being broadcast from South Africa and@Nikeis unveiling our FIFA World Cup Jersey in London. Is this the extent to which we have outsourced Nigeria?— Atiku Abubakar (@atiku)February 23, 2018

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