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Yoruba Group Rally for Buhari

A pan Yoruba youth group, Yoruba
Progressive People’s Congress has said it
hold a mass rally in support of President
Muhammadu Buhari. The youths group
said it would not allow anybody soil the
good relationship being enjoyed between
the Yoruba and President Buhari.
The youths’ group therefore said it plans
to hold a nationwide mass rally to show
the President that the Yoruba people are
solidly behind him.
Addressing journalists in Lagos, Elder
Amodu Pelumi, President of the group said
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s
open letter to President Muhammadu is
capable of creating friction between
President Buhari and his vice president,
Yemi Osinbajo who currently is the highest
office holder from the Yoruba people.
According to the group, “Whatever his
incentives are for writing that statement,
we see it as a deliberate attempt to
undermine Yoruba leaders that have
emerged since Obasanjo left office.
The statement said Obasano’s letter is
capable of denying Yoruba leaders
positions on the national scene. The group
also said that Obasanjo’s letter is capable
of bringing down national leaders of
Yoruba ancestry to irrelevance so that he
can install those who are loyal to him but
disloyal to the general interest of the
Yoruba nation.
The group said “Obasanjo wants to attract
attention to himself to inflate his political
value in the southwest ahead of general
elections so that he will get patronage from
those” who may support his line of thought
even with money.
Pelumi also said in the statement that
Chief Obasanjo’s criticism of the economic
sector is a direct attack on the Vice
President whom he said handles that
He said Chief Obasanjo’s outburst points
to a claim that he may not be totally at
peace with the fact that ” the quality of
leadership Professor Osinbajo is providing
places him on trajectory to becoming the
Awolowo of our time.” The statement said
this reality “ is a medicine too bitter for
him to swallow. It does not help that he
hates Awolowo, the Vice President’s mentor
with all his life-blood.”
The group therefore said that the Vice
President, Yemi Osinbajo, is representing
the Yoruba interest superlatively.

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