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“Why Are Women Their Own Worst Enemies?”

*Don’t get it twisted,this is not about
bringing the women folks down but this is
a mystery the world still finds very difficult
to unravel..*
I have heard this countless times from
different ladies “I don’t get along with
women,“I prefer being friends with males
than females,” or “I don’t have female
friends because they’re too much drama.”
A lady walks into the room and sees a
more attractive lady and she suddenly feels
threatened and starts hating on the more
attractive one even when she does not
realize it…the older ladies just get fussy
when they see younger ladies flaunt their
freshness,the married lady suddenly feels
she is more superior to the unmarried
ones,the unmarried one is happy to hear
about a crash in a friend’s marriage and the
same women who are ready to bring down
the roof when they hear the words “Men
are polygamous in nature” are the same
women snatching each other’s
husbands,having an affair with married
men and even getting married to married
men. The wife and the husband’s mum
compete with each other. Put women in one
room and you are certain to settle issues
several times.
So i tend to wonder why the hypocrisy?
what will happen if every lady approached
by married men say NO?, Does it not just
make logical sense if the second baby
mama of 2baba or Wizkid stood their
ground and asked these guys to go stay
faithful to their first baby mamas? How
convenient it is for some ladies to be so
vague,heartless and hypocritical that the
very act they cry out against are
encouraged by them .
In my opinion,when we consider the
heartaches,hurts and all the drama men
create in women’s lives,i believe the male
folk deserves all the hatred from he ladies
but amazingly the women keep loving us.
They’d rather hate a fellow woman, who
has done nothing to them and this is one
mystery no one may be able to unravel and
this one question we may never be able to


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