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The Best To Use Your Talents To Increase Your Productivity

How To Use Your Talents To Increase Your
By Johnspeak Uwangue (Motivational
Speaker, Talent and Life Coach)
Most people looking to boost their results
start by working harder because it’s the
most visible form of productivity. We
assume the solution is to simply put in
more hours — and
that’s true, to a point. However, this
approach has few key problems. To be
productive is the aim of most people; either
as business owners, employees, Wives/
husbands or as individuals working with
our God given talents. Productivity is
simply to yield much results with little
efforts. Apart from the acquisition of skills
or higher degrees, talents can also be
engaged for our productivity. The reason
why so many people are finding it difficult
to yield much results is as a result of
ignorance as well as the inability to fully
utilize their talents for maximum
productivity. Prior to this time, we’ve been
made to think that talent was all about
singing, dancing, acting, drawing, etcetera.
But, new knowledge have emerged with
facts to back it up that talent goes beyond
the aforementioned.
Even in the pursuit of our individual
dreams or life purposes, talents can be
used to increase our productivity which can
in return lead to our happiness and
fulfilment. In this article, I want to share
with you just three out of the many ways
that we can use our God given talents to
increase our productivity.
– Find The Talent That Aligns With The
What’s that task or situation that you are
faced with? There’s a talent in you that you
can use to solve it. Wisdom in this regard
is simply the correct application of the
right talent to the right task. For instance,
if you want to be productive in how you
convert prospects to clients, you should
develop your convincing talent or engage
someone who has a talent for convincing
(sweet mouth). If customers are
complaining about your product quality,
you will have to develop your talent for
perfectionism or excellence if you have it or
you could simply employ the service of
someone with that talent. In any area that
you want to be more productive at, you
should develop a talent that aligns with
– Let The Talent Do The Work
Oftentimes, when we try to do things with
our own strength, or putting in more efforts
with the aim of yielding more results, we
oftentimes realize that our end results
always come short of our expectations and
the expectations of our environment. I have
discovered that most times I end up not
making sense whenever I try to take the job
away from my talents. So, what I always do
is to let my talent do the job. Which is why
I don’t write or give counsel until my talent
is ready to do its job. But sometimes, I try
to initiate the process for my talent to
wake up and takeover but if it still doesn’t
respond, I let it be. Don’t take over the job
of your talent, let it do its work.
– Let Your Talent Fix The Time
Sometimes in our quest to get things done,
we often become impatient and agitated.
We just want things to happen at our own
time and pace forgetting the fact that we
are not the ones doing the job but our
talents. So many people have resulted to
some things that are dangerous to their
health all in their quest to get results. You
may not be inspired by your talents, but
that doesn’t mean that something is wrong
with you. During the beginning of this
month, I planned to double the rate at
which I write in order to be productive, but I
discovered that I couldn’t meet my target.
Despite not meeting my target, I discovered
that my articles have improved compared
to the previous month all because I allowed
my talent to dictate the time and speed.
Productivity is not a day’s job so, allow
your talent to determine the speed. You
have used your talents long enough, it’s
time to allow your talents to use you and at
its own time and speed.
Succeed You Must!

© Johnspeak Uwangue
Motivational Speaker, Talent and Life


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