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Suspected Ugandan Islamist rebels killed three civilians in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of the
Democratic Republic of the Congo
(FARDC) celebrate next to a
commanding officer in Matombo,
35km north of Beni, North Kivu, on
January 13, 2018, during the
Operation Sokola 1. The Congolese
army on January 13, 2018 announced
a new operation against armed groups,
notably the ADF Ugandan Islamist
rebels suspected of murdering 14 UN
peacekeepers last month. Army
vehicles transported some 300 troops
to the operation’s headquarters near
Beni in the restive eastern province of
North Kivu. / AFP PHOTO / Alain
Suspected Ugandan Islamist rebels killed
three civilians in eastern Democratic
Republic of Congo, despite an offensive by
government troops, sources said on
The deaths occurred on Sunday in the Beni
region of North Kivu province, where
government forces launched a campaign
against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF)
militia on January 13.
“There was an incursion by the ADF
yesterday (Sunday) in Kokola. Three people
— a motorcycle taxi driver and his two
customers — were killed before the army
intervened,” the administrator of Beni
district, Bernard Amisi Kalonda, told AFP.
The incident was confirmed by Jonas
Mbusa, a community leader.
The army’s spokesman in the region,
Captain Mak Hazukay, told AFP that that
the ADF “incursion yesterday at Kokola was
repelled. Operations are continuing.” He
gave no further details.
Present in DR Congo since 1995, the ADF
was initially created by Muslim radicals to
oppose Ugandan President Yoweri
Museveni’s rule.
Today, they are a number of armed groups
that hold swathes of territory in eastern DR
Congo, battling for control of mineral
Congolese authorities and the UN mission
in DR Congo, MONUSCO, accuse the ADF of
having killed more than 700 civilians as
well as combatants in the Beni region from
The ADF is also accused of killing 14 UN
peacekeepers in eastern DR Congo on
December 7, in the biggest single loss of
peacekeepers in nearly a quarter of a
The government last week declared it was
waging “war” on the ADF and a Congolese
militia, the Yakutumba, which is active in
South Kivu province, several hundred
kilometres (miles) to the south.
However, troop losses have been heavy.
Diplomatic sources say 22 troops were
killed on Friday in an ADF attack.

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