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Sold Out : 7 Things You need To know About Kaytune - Do you!! Song.


1 His unique studio session made us prepare for a hit banger ( Do you!!)
Before the song  was dropped , he had a recorded studio session in Ogun area and mere hearing out the beat , it was soundible and audible , so as if he prepared us for awaiting hit banger , he also share it on WhatsApp group.

2. The song has gotten Mixtape attach label in febuary.

By DJ deeblack, the official to be the deejay of nairasquad website, early this year January has gotten the taste and had no choice to resume to office with the first official valentine mixtape in February which Kaytune DO YOU!! Will be featured in.

3. Not up to 24hours , it was indexed in search engine

I can assure you of this , not even up to 7 hours or 12 hours  and 24hours was too far, his song was indexed by Sagagist on google and on bing by nairasquad , then download has been swinging since then.

4. 3 shows are awaiting Even before the song drop.
This is one of the biggest surprise and amazing for fans the upcoming hit breaker shows reason as 3 shows awaits him even before the song drops.
This is a example is getting more shows.

5. First Show up performance of DO YOU!! on BTS

After the release of the song , his first performance is likely to to be a show up on BTS after he killed zamani concert with orekelewa.. The BTS was anchored by blesso. And it taking place in Sagamu.

6. Do you!! Was the third hit there comes after.

Do you!! Was his third hit going viral at percentage of various click download and so therefore formally he had two other song before special one and orekelewa so now on board DO YOU!! TOOK OVER..

7. A special record snippet from the hype official ( Tosinaija) is here in respect of Do you!! - Download also!!

Just yesterday before the song was released the song was played in an home theater then a record was taken and a comment asap by the favourite friend of Tosinaija..
Go below and download.



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