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Shilpa Shinda Says " i Quit". See what she quit and why She quit

Last night, Shilpa Shinde won the title of
Bigg Boss 11 competing against Hina
Khan. In an interview, she revealed about
her future plans.
Television actress Shilpa Shinde, winner of
“Bigg Boss Season 11”, says that after the
“bad experience” she had with “Bhabhi Ji
Ghar Par Hain“, she does not want to act in
television serials anymore.Often, winning
the reality television show has translated to
plum offers in the television space for
celebrities. But Shilpa says after “whatever
happened” during the “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par
Hai” — in which she essayed Angoori bhabhi
— she does not want to work on small
screen.”I would rather explore the medium
of films than television. After working for
so many years, the way few people of the
industry (referring to the producers of
‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai’) treated me, I am
disheartened. I do not wish to work in the
TV industry anymore,” Shilpa told IANS over
the phone.

Shilpa quit Bhabhiji Ghar pe Hain in 2016,
due to issues with the producers. She even
lodged a complaint against the producer
Sanjay Kohli. As she came out openly
Shilpa faced a lot of problems to get a
show. Asked if naming and shaming any
big name in the industry takes a toll on an
actor’s career, she said: “Yes, it does.”It is
tough for an actress to raise her voice on
sexual harassment because the chances are
they will question your character, they will
ruin your career and they will defeat you in
the power game. So one has to be very
strong to fight against these white collar
mafias,” said the actress.

Coming to “Bigg Boss“, Shilpa was
contesting with favourite Bahu Hina Khan in
the finale. Was she sure about her
victory?”Though I knew from the beginning
that I deserve to win the show, it is a
different world inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.
It was a journey with a lots of emotional
ups and down. At this moment, I am a little
overwhelmed to talk much about it, but of
course I am glad I won,” she said.Having
started her career in 1999, Shilpa grabbed
eyeballs with a daily soap “Bhabhi”. She
acted in shows like “Sanjeevani”, “Maayka”,
“Chidiya Ghar”, “Lapataganj” and
more.”See, in the last 15 years, people did
not love me, but the characters that I
played. They did not know how I am in real
life as Shilpa Shinde. So now, everyone,
who voted for me, they know my real self,”
said Shilpa.

“My confidence to win ‘Bigg Boss’ did not
come from the number of fans I had before
entering the house. I am always confident
that I am a good person. I have a lot of
patience and tolerance, so I was confident
to fight the game on that basis,” she added.

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