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"Buhari's Quest for Power Will not allow Him heeds Obasojo's Advice"-Yakasai

Elder Statesman, Tanko Yakasai, has said
that President Muhammadu Buhari’s
desperation for power would not allow him
to listen to voice of reason at this critical
Yakasai, who voiced out his feelings on
Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s open letter to
President Buhari, noted that the Owu Chief
had spoken the mind of Nigerians.
Yakasai said in statement that, “Obasanjo
letter was an expression of disappointment
of Buhari’s administration and it
summarises the feelings of Nigerians and
non Nigerians”
He said “the Buhari that I know would
certainly jettison the advice because of his
desperation for power, he is after power, and
doesn’t see anything else.
“Buhari share traits with three classes of
people that made it difficult for him to see
reason. A man looking for power doesn’t
need advise, same thing is applied to a man
seeking for love, and the one seeking the
hand of a woman.”

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