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Obasanjo Chooses Presidential candidate in drama

Last year, Nollywood actor, Samuel Ajibola
released an episode of his web series, Dele
Issues , starring Nigeria’s former President,
Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo. The episode titled
Dele for President, shows Dele in a hilarious
meeting with Obasanjo, who has come to
draft him into the 2019 presidential race.
Obasanjo’s declaration of support for Dele
causes Dele to jump about and dance with
joy, emitting guttural animal noises.
Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo in Dele Issues
The drama
Having entered Dele’s abstract presidential
villa in his absence, former president of
Nigeria, Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo sits there,
waiting for Mr. Dele. Soon, Dele arrives
(with a supposedly Obasanjo’s aide) and
finds Obasanjo sitting and waiting for him.
Seized by the excitement that former
President Obasanjo is waiting for him, Dele
“Eeeeeh! Baba! Eeeeeeh! Good morning
Baba, good afternoon, Baba. Good evening,
Baba! Even good night sef !”
Whichever one, make e just be good – good
morning, good afternoon, good evening,
good night – make e just be good,”
Obasanjo answers.
“Baba, this man (pointing at the aide) said
that you are looking for me. Baba I hope
there is no problem?”
“Adele! Problem ke? Yes, I de look for you.
People come to me and they say (who is
going to be) president for 2019? And I say,
of all the young people I know, Dele is the
most qualified.”
“Eeeh! Baba! Me? President?” Dele
“Yes. You, president. The people wey don be
president, they better pass you ? You never
hear say France get a 39-year old as
president? That one, e better pass you ?” Baba
asks Dele.
“ Yeeeh! Aaaaaah! Ngriiiiih !” Dele coos,
prattles, and jumps up and down with
excitement. “ But wait o. for where I go see
money to do campaign and everything ?”
“Don’t worry. You no go spend money like
drunken sailor as people de spend money
before; only small money for the
administration of your campaign. That one, we
can get. Dele, you have all the attributes
that the young people of this country want
in a president.”
“ Yeeeh! Aaaaaah! Ngriiiiih !” Dele chokes with
more excitement, and begins to chant:
“Dele for president! Dele for President! Dele
for president!”
“Dele, me, I go go out to campaign for you .”
“ Eeeeeh ! Baba!”
“Not only are we going to raise money, but
I will also go out and campaign for you.
Dele for president!” Obasanjo hails him.
“Dele for president! Dele for president!
Heeeeh!” Dele continues the chant….
“President Dele!”
“Yes sir!”
“President Dele! How does that sound?”
Obasanjo asks.
“Good! Dele for president! Dele for
president! Dele for president…!”
Then suddenly, Dele wakes up from sleep
and realises he had been dreaming!
The interpretations
Full of humour and wit, this drama is
instructive in quite a number of ways. It
seems predictive of the type of change
looming in Aso Rock in 2019. It could also
be interpreted to mirror the mirage which
young people’s hope of capturing political
power in Nigeria has come to be.
The project, however, is a joint initiative of
the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library
Youth Development Centre, Samuel Ajibola
Foundation, and Cream Entertainment,
aimed at encouraging youth participation in
politics. It encourages young people to
register as card-carrying members of any
political party.

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