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No pardon for Zuma, suggests South Africa’s likely next leader

South African President Jacob Zuma , who
faces possible prosecution for alleged graft ,
will be treated “ without favour” , his likely
successor has said .
Zuma’s term in office has been dominated
by corruption scandals. He faces several
court cases, including over 783 payments
he allegedly received linked to an arms
deal before he came to power in 2009 .
Cyril Ramaphosa, who could soon replace
Zuma as president , said that Zuma had not
asked for immunity despite “a number of
charges that are being looked at” .
Ramaphosa was asked whether, once in
power, he would grant Zuma a presidential
“We have the rule of law in our country
and people always want to see justice done
without fear, without favour ,” he told the
BBC in comments released Thursday .
“Whatever will need to be done to
President Zuma will have to follow the due
process of the law ,” he added .
Zuma has been under growing pressure to
resign since he was replaced as head of the
ruling African National Congress ( ANC)
party in December by Ramaphosa.
Ramaphosa wooed investors at the World
Economic Forum in Switzerland this week,
promising justice for those guilty of state
“Everyone agrees that our state was
captured by corrupt elements , by people
who purported to be close to the president ,
who have been doing really bad things ,” he
told the BBC.
Ramaphosa, who has been deputy president
since 2014 , is looking to revive the
economy before elections next year that
come amid falling public support for ANC.
He said that Zuma was “ naturally feeling
anxious” about the transition of political
power in South Africa .

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