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Interesting Facts about Late Moji olaiya Daughter

Moji Olaiya was a famous Nigerian actress who, unfortunately, died in May 2017. In addition to leaving her fans with lovely memories of herself in the huge number of films she acted in, the actress left two lovely daughters behind. What do we know about Moji Olaiya and her daughters?

Moji Olaiya’s daughter
Adunoluwa is the first daughter of late Moji Olaiya. She’s tall, slender, though not hundred percent her mother’s lookalike but, like her mother, Adunoluwa is a very beautiful girl with a memorable appearance, who also could be an actress if she wanted to. Adunoluwa and her late mother’s are only two days apart. Adunoluwa was born on February 25, and her mother was born on February 27.
Adunoluwa is not very famous on social media, but below you can read 5 interesting facts about her that you may not have known:
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1. Adunoluwa is the first of the two daughters of late Nollywood actress, Moji Olaiya.
2. Moji Olaiya’s daughter’s age is 18; she was born in 1999.
3. She went to the same secondary school as Festus Oladunjoye Ojo, Iyabo Ojo’s son.
4. She is in 200 level student at Babcock University..
5. She is pretty shy and possesses a reserved personality.
Nigerians were shocked when they learnt that the young Adunoluwa’s super star mum Moji Olaiya, died in a Canadian hospital just two months after giving birth to her second baby.

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