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How To Retract WhatsApp Messages At Anytime Even After A Week!

The WhatsApp retract feature is indeed a
wonderful feature. The introduction of the
amazing feature has made WhatsApp
messaging more safe and of course fun.
With the retract feature you can delete any
sent message within 7minutes of sending
the messages. This however, is the
relatively the only “but” to the
amazing lit feature.
What if you discovered there’s a message
need to be deleted after a while you sent
them due to some errors or
confidentialities but you can’t because the
7minutes of retract has expired? No cause
for alarm!
Yes we’re bringing you this lit tutorial on
How to retract your WhatsApp messages at
It sure feels great to inform you guys that
there’s a way you can beat the short span
of retracting messages. With these steps,
you can retract your WhatsApp messages
at any time no matter how old:
1. Go to the the message(s) you wish to
Here, you need to check the time you sent
the message you wish to retract.

As you can see this message was sent
11:09am, today
2. After studying the time you sent the
message(s), simply draw down your
notification bar and activate flight mode.

3. Go to your settings>Apps>WhatsApp
and click and “force stop” your WhatsApp
4. Navigate to date and time settings and
change your time and date. If the message
you want to retract is on that day, simply
change the time alone. Draw back the time
to some minutes more than the the time
you sent the message(s) you want to
retract. For instance, if the message you
wan to retract was sent 10:00am, simply
change the time to anything from 10:00am
to 10:05am and make sure it’s not
7minutes more than the time you sent the

You need to put off your automatic date
and time in order to be able to change the
time and date

5. Go to your WhatsApp and retract your
message(s) without hindrance.  E don pinish!!

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