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Episode 5

Edwin was lying dead on the floor as his blood continue to spread. I looked angrily at Zach and wanted a swift explanation for what he has done to him. Mehn these guys are heartless! He collected my phone and handed over Edwin's phone to me. As soon as the phone landed on my hand, a message came into it. But Zach wanted to tell me something.

"This man here is the controller of this store. And here is where your wife shop most of the time. Not only that, I mean every time. If I may shock you, your wife has planned your death before leaving home today. She thought you were going to eat the bread on your dining table. And to make matter worst, my Gucci bag is with her."

I already know him so I make sure I keep him at his bay. 

"Mr, all this thing you said are lies from the pit of hell. My wife? You don't know my Samantha. She wouldn't date Edwin for anything. Edwin has his own wife and kids too! How do you know about the bread? Anyway, I gave the bread to my gateman before leaving this morning. My beloved wife didn't do any of this allegations you have levelled against her! She's the reason why I live. Oyin holds my life, Samantha own my soul. Leave me alone and stop feeding me with lies! You are disrespecting the dead!"

I kept on doing permutations on what I have heard and some of the things Bayo told me. That guy with bad mouth. He once told me he caught my wife with a man in an hotel. I ignored his story. He went on to say, he, himself slept with my wife because she doesn't wanted me to know about it. Though he evidently showed me one of her head gear, which he took at one of their time together. I fought Bayo to the extent that we destroyed almost everything in our office. We were placed on two weeks suspension after the incident. But on getting home, I saw another head gear with my wife. This made me find it difficult to question her. Now, see what this uncircumcised fool is telling me. She is not who they say she is. Yes, I know her too well.

Zach collected Edwin's phone again and read the message. He laughed. He then asked me to try Samantha's number. I did but her line was switched off. He gave back Edwin's phone to me and asked me to read the message she just sent. Here is it...

"What's keep u waiting honey, I just took my shower and I am set to give you the best ride of a life time. I tend to hear the bad news after we must have gone. Have told Pat to take Oyin to my parent. See you soon honey."

As I read in between the lines, tears formed a bubble into my eyes and could burst any moment. My headache increased and I could only pretend but for a short time. I could feel the hotness of my breath too, "this is the height of betrayal". I silently muttered. But, Samantha has never given me any reason to doubt her love for me one bit. She kept flaunting me and our daughter on all her social media platforms. God! I can't imagined Bayo slept with my wife. No!!! This are fabrication and not the real fact.

Zach jolted me back to the reality. To clear my doubt he gave me the printed picture of my wife, which was distributed earlier. I placed it side by side with the Samantha's picture I used as phone's screensaver. No doubt it was her replica. Or could it be she? I took a deep breath in confusion.

"Now, I want you to call her now, and ask her to tell you her location." He advised. 

I know nobody is indispensable, but I am currently concerned about what might be a trap set for my wife. I angrily replied him..

"I hope you are not trying to use me against my wife? This is the most stupendous thing you can ever asked me to do. Do you know..."

"Spare me all that rubbish Nick!! I mean Raymond? What evidence do you need again fool? Everything pointed to the same direction and you still acting like a dumb ass. At this junction, I don't need to negotiate with you any longer, your wife or not, a prostitute or not, your baby or not, I am going to get my money and you are going to get me the address from that nonsensical element you call wife! "

I stood up amidst his men and pushed him back before his boys over powered me. They kept strangling me but I made no sound or hush of pain. I manage to stand up again.

"How dare you call my Samantha prostitute? Whatever she does to me is nobody's gademn business! If she feels killing me will make her happy, she should go ahead! She loves me that's why she wanna go with another man. I failed in making her happy. Atimes I find it hard to pay her bills. She's not a prostitute! I pushed her away! Oh..... My God..... sob... sob.... Next time you talk about my wife, I will kick you ass!"

"Listen to yourself, you talk like a misfortuned nonentity. You are blind and can't see farther than your nose. With all these evidences you still defending her, are you mad? You are talking like somebody who doesn't have sense. Look how your so called love has turned you into an object of mockery. Hey guys, this idiot has raised my temper, kindly teach him a little lesson."

They devoured me and painted my face with blood again. Now my headache was becoming unbearable but still I didn't show any sign of weakness. Zach himself punched me on the face and there appear a cut on my face. He took the matter more than the stolen Gucci bag. He called me Nick and I needed a space to ask him why he called me that.

" Have got no apology to make to you. All I want is my bag and you are going to help me get it. Here is what I want you to do now, you take Edwin's number send a text that would make that bitch tell us the exact hotel she was hiding. Am just going to give you ten minutes. Else, I will kill that your baby and will still get my bag." Zach threatened again.

His men got a chair for themselves and they were all looking at me. They surrounded me. It took me six minutes before I could get what skill to use to get her talking. As a master strategist, we break new grounds for organsational success. I checked other witty text messages they have been sending to themselves, I felt a sharp arrow pierced into my heart. This same number she told me some touts stole from her? Now, Edwin was "HEADSEXY" on her phone. No wonder they would talk for hours, before she join me on bed. I always noticed her pant was always wet. I have questioned her but she would tell me she needed me more. She once called Edwin's name twice while rumbling on bed, I thought it was a mistake. 

I took Edwin's phone switched to the message app and sent Samantha a funny text.

"Honey, I wish the idiot is dead by now.

Please am in a meeting with some our South African clients and I needed you to kindly help me send the name of our sex room. I can't think well, devouring you top my mind now. Am waiting. SAMASEX."

Tears rolled down my eyes freely as I typed every words. I await her to reply my message. I was praying fervently that she shouldn't reply the message, at least to prove to me she's not what these people has called her. I wanted to switch off the network so if she send the message at all, the message will hanged. Instead that idiot asked me to submit the phone to him. I almost handed it over to him when a message entered. I quickly looked at it before I finally handed it over to him. I saw...

"Awwwwn baby. Don't think too much about him. He will be buried before we return. Anyway, DESIRE'S Court. Lekki. Just incase you have forgotten the room too, it's room 200.

Come eat me up baby. Can't wait."

This lady has lost his senses I swear! 

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