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Story Title: HOT ICE

Episode: 4

The entire office was littered with blood stains. I knew someone has been killed there. The man stood right before me and questioned my audacity to replied him.

"How dare you? You don't talk when I talk. Next time you tried that shit again, you may lose your life." He bragged.

I didn't allow his threat walk down my spine before I gave it back to him. Hot for hot.

" I don't have a life. My baby is my life. You touch her, I swear you will regret it." 

I gave it to him back. He looked at me with disdain and wondered why I was so confident to talk to him despite his men and weapons. He signaled his men and they pounced on me again and gave me another round of beating. I absorbed the pain and kept the cool.

My phone started ringing, he checked who was calling and it became Samantha. I swear the look on his face but I ignored it. He kept on looking at me and the Samantha's picture at the same time. He ordered his boy to leave me while he gave me my phone to speak to my wife.

'hello treasure" she said from the other end.

"Am not happy with you babe. Why are you just telling me now. I thought we slept on the same bed last night." I queried her.

"Am so sorry honey. I called to tell you, I will be spending two weeks. 

"Two weeks? For meeting? How do you want Oyin to cope? That is not acceptable.

"Babe am sorry. I got to go now, the plane is about to take off. Love you. Muah." 

The line disengaged. I kept on wondering why she had to heed her traveling from me up till now. I was still trying to fathom the reason why, another phone with the boss started ringing. It was a text message. He opens it and read it. Immediately he finished reading it he started laughing hysterically. I wondered why.

"I think the lady you just spoke with now is your wife? He asked.

Reluctantly I responded. "That's my impeccable Queen. The mother of my princess at your disposal." 

"Good. My name is Zach, let's continue our question and answer. For how long have you been married?"

" My name is Raymond. My wife and I has been married for eleven years. What else?"

"Do you ever doubt her love for you one bit?"

"I never loved her the way she'd shown me love. She loved me more than her own life."

"Did you guys had misunderstanding, or perhaps she caught you cheating on her lately?

"I love my wife so much. Yes we may have little misunderstanding and that is my fault. But we never had any rancor lately. I totally respect the oath we took at the altar. Let me die the day I cheat on my wife."

He moved over to his boys and they all started laughing at me. I kept my eyes trying to decode what they were saying. I couldn't. I checked my time and it was already 1:00pm. I took in another deep breath. I started having slight headache again. I have never being in a situation like this before. I don't want to understand anything, I just want my baby.

"Just answer my question okay. Stop wondering where am driving at. What is the name of your wife's best friend?"

" Edwin and Pat. Edwin is her friend and cousin."

"Pat, that's good. Edwin is a man. Do you know Edwin is traveling to South Africa with your wife today?"

That question hits me like a gunshot. I paused and I remembered it was not the first time they been travelling together. The four months pregnancy she lost happened in South Africa. In fact, Edwin stood with her for almost two months while I only call to check on her wellbeing. He was a great guy tho.

Allow me to introduce you to Edwin. I met Edwin and Samantha on a bus the same day. The duo were playing like a couple in the bus. After they alighted, I saw Samantha's phone and I picked. Few days later, He called and promised to pay heavily to retrieve the phone from me. Since I was not a money freak, I promise to hand over the phone to them free of charge. 

On the day he was to come get it, he was stock up with something in his office so he asked Samantha to meet me. I gave her the phone and we had a long gist. From there, something pooped up and in less than three months we started a relationship. One year later, I proposed to Samantha. Edwin was there to witnessed it.

Edwin was my bestman during the wedding and he gave lots of support to his friend. I thought they were the true definition of the word "bestie". They called themselves cousins. They were cousin really. Are they even cousin? See my head wan burst. Am confused right now.

He got us our first job after our marriage. I was sacked there because the boss which was Edwin's elder brother. I caught him wanting to be having an affair with my wife. So I confronted him. But then, he acted rude and I disciplined him. We left his company.

"So you trust Edwin too? Anyway, am glad to tell you that, your daughter, Oyin, is not yours."

"Mr Zach, stop coming up with unfounded questions. Say something else and stop being nosey into my family affair."

"Oops! Am going to shock you. Hey zobo, bring out that fool for him to see."

They brought him out, his two arms had been chopped off. He was killed in cold blood. I feel his spirit should feel the pain too. They threw him on the floor and his corpse slide to my side. I looked at the lifeless body and I can only manage to see how useless this mortal body is.

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