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You can touch everything I have but definitely not my bundle of Joy. He who touches my Oyin touches the fire. And when my fire gets hold of you, it will burn you beyond recognition. I stood watching and observing what was going on. It was then I discovered that robbery was on going. They came in large number to bombard the store. I should have known better. I had no idea what could happen next. I don't even care. All I want is my Oyin. Don't talk about been selfish. I and my wife waited this long to have her, so whatever happens to anybody no concern me abeg, so far it does not affect my child.

I was on my way out to search for the lady carrying my baby again, as soon as I took first two steps towards the exit door, I got hit by plenty of punches on my face. While I was trying to retaliate, four pistol was pointed to my head. I quickly humbled myself immediately.

The people I saw buying things has already been pinned down but were forced to continue acting as if nothing was going on. This was the reason why the entrance gate was opened. To allow more people to fall into the trap. This guy's are really crazily smart.

With furnace in my eyes I looked at the men who pointed gun at me. One of them asked me to surrender my bag and I obeyed. They ordered me to laid down flat and I respected their order. I don't want to die now. Man do gun but the same gun kill man. Mysterious.

Then I heard a peep on my phone, a text from my boss. I stylishly deep my hands in my pocket to read the message.  It read thus..

"So unfortunate Ray, you so filled with excuses. Am sorry, I won't allow you put me to shame the third time. Am sorry, but you are hereby FIRED!!!"

Instantly I got a bang in my head. The headache was so much that it started affecting my vision. I took a deep breath in order to have a clear thought of where my Oyin could be. Just then I started hearing a baby crying so loud from a public address system. Then a thick voice followed it from the system room.

I look towards the gallery and I saw the same lady carrying my daughter in the midst of some other ladies on the same t-shirt and we're carrying two babies each. What the heck? They order us all to come together to form an ark. Every other men on the same tshirts were now holding sophisticated rifles. And were looking at each and everyone of us mercilessly. I can only imagine what they saw when they looked at us.

After they delayed us for more than 2hours a thick voice began speaking from the speakers.

"Good Morning everyone, am so sorry for the disruption caused by my men. And for all our customers, we plead that you pardon us too. I don't like to be seen or heard. Meanwhile, I understand how busy your schedules is and the importance of this store in this metropolis. Am also here for an important issue. And the earlier you cooperate with us, the earlier we leave here without any hitches. I am looking for my bag. Yes, a Gucci  bag, filled with diamond worth hundreds of million dollars. And some few thousands of foreign currencies. Listen,  two days ago some of my men had a successful operation but unfortunately, on their way home they encounter some disturbances. The special security force fought seriously with them. While the battle was on going, one of the trucks of this store passed, one of my men then threw the Gucci bag inside the truck. Inside the bag was a tracking device. The last time I checked, the tracked stopped working here. Which means, someone working here tampered with it. A close study of the CCTV cameras, I found nothing except for this lady, (asked his men to distribute a copy of the picture to everybody). She came in on the disguise to buy diapers, but when she was going she left with my bag. If there is anybody here who can help us find this lady, or tell us how we can find her, I promise to free you all. Because, the foolish controller here has confessed that the lady was his girlfriend and my bag is with her. But if not, I will start by killing these babies here."

That word I heard obstructed my thought and I gave a quick response.

"Not in your life will you dare touch my baby! I repeat it again,you dare not touch my Oyin, you touch my baby,  trust me I will kill you and your men. You can try me it and see!!" 

His men didn't allow me to finish before they descended on me and gave me the beating of my life. The man behind the thick voice came out. He was tall and huge. I felt he was the leader of the group. He looked angrily at me, he became very furious. While he kept on looking at me, I felt a beep from my phone again. A text message from my most adorable Queen. I stylishly brought it out to check what was there. She broke my heart too. See what she sent.

"Boo, am sorry it's coming late. But I have to travel to South Africa urgently for District meeting. Please Pat will come help you with Oyin. Please be good. I love you. SamaSex."

How could she do that? How could she travel without my prior knowledge? This certainly wouldn't just be planned today. I smell something is not right. Wait, what is SamaSex? Is that the new name she's using on Facebook? I was only surprised because she has never ended her text message with such acronym before. I was baffled.

I was jolted back to reality with a random slap from the North Pole of the store. This is getting too much. My blood boils beyond normal now. My baby hijacked, fired from work, and now wifey. The men who just slapped me sized my phone and forcefully took me to their boss.

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