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8:30am and am still very far to my office. I hate been taking for granted. Mr Boiys, my CEO would definitely delete the faith he has in me if I disappoint him today. Though Miss Chichi hinted me that my letter of promotion and recommendation has been stamped by the board of directors. But my boss hates African time so much. I was happy when she sent me the text message. I have waited for this day for four years and I can't miss it for anything. It was as if Oyin knew what I was thinking in my heart, she started laughing. I remembered singing some funny songs and she was responding by smiling. Oh, I love my daughter.

Few blocks away from my office, I quickly branch, PICKINGS Store. I needed to get Oyin some diapers and a toy, at least that will keep her busy while I dismantle the presentation I had worked on throughout the night. I noticed everywhere was quiet and their securities has been changed. This new securities were carrying heavy rifles and they were not smiling. I thought they should smile, it's good for the store.

Those two things I saw were a clear indication that something was not right in the store. I proceeded with Oyin still smiling on my arms. I went straight to the diapers stand picked two bundles and placed them in the trolley. I then moved to the toys stand. I was so confused to determine which one would match the choice of a six months old baby. Not when my job is at risk. I was spending so much time on it already. Or should I rent a part-time baby seater?

The time was 8:50am and I was still stuck and wondering what type of toy she would like. Then a fair lady on the same yellow and blue stripe with an inscription "Wailers" on it, came over to me and assisted us. She collected Oyin from me and in less than 30seconds she had gotten her a Barbie toy. I thanked her gracefully and left Oyin with her while I went to the Cashier to make the payment. 

There were also two other security men standing with the Cashier. I thought maybe they have been hinted about a possible attack on the store. I felt impressed with their preparation towards the unknown. I only wished my country is well guarded like this.

The cashier winked her eyes more than four times as if she was trying to tell me something but I didn't decode her message. The flat line was tainted. I went back to where i kept my bag and baby and to my utmost surprise, the lady and my baby were no where to be found. Ah! I thought I was hallucinating, but it was getting clearer as time passes by. I checked the time, it was 8:55am. I saw my the diapers I bought scattered on the floor but nothing happened to my bag. My laptop and other files were all intact.

After running from pillar to poll, I later saw two security officers, one was sitting like a tired bricklayer, while the other one was standing and resting his body on the wall like a lunatic drunkard. I quickly ran to them to complain my plight. Touching them was the great mistake of my life. 

"Oga my baby" I called the officer on the chair. He fell down flat and blood gushes out of his mouth and his eyes was shot still. I called the second as well, he also fell gallantly. His uniform was soaked with blood. My eyes opened wide as the reality of a possible crisis stare at me on the face.

Where is my Oyin?

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