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Story Title: HOT ICE

Episode: 1

Jesus! 7:15am and Samantha did not deem it fit to wake me up. Arrrrgh!!!! What the f***!  I had slept in the study room after doing final revision on all that I had packaged for this last presentation. Yes, as a master strategist, it is my duty to fashion out a new more productive way for my beloved company to rule over others. I love my job because it allowed me to express my inner potentials and embellish my inner creative thought succinctly. All this has won me several awards and accolades but am still stuck in that office with that big mouthed Bayo.

Bayo is my assistant, but he always taken credit for most of my works. People respected him more because they thought he seldom does all the researches and findings that we use in Almatex Communications. I do the job. Yes. 

After taken my shower I checked the time, I saw 7:56am. What? I quickly puts on my newly purchased tuxedo and was ready to jet out. Only for me to find a small note on the dining table.

"Babe, have got lots of work to do today. Kindly help me drop Queen Oyin with Mama 'K'. I love u."

What the heck! It's like this lady don't know how important this presentation is to me. This is the only thing standing between me and my promotion. Yes. I have missed two already and here is the last opportunity. And time is very important here. I have bragged that I was going to kick lots of butts today. Now see what's happening. Chai, my village people!!! 

Sorry my people, My name is Raymond Daniels, am a very strong agile and efficient young man in his early thirties. I got married to Samantha Abulo on the 25th of March 2006. We waited on the Lord for eleven good years before having this cute, beautiful and adorable princess Oyin Daniels. She's the best daughter you can have. As at the time of writing this memoir, she was 6months old acting like a 2year old kid. As for those who don't like female kids, please ask yourself "why didn't your mum aborted you?" Just shut up, you got no point! *Rolled eyes*

I quickly ran to my car, Toyota Corolla 2010 before I remembered I had left Oyin inside her room. I quickly ran back to pick her up. On getting back to my car again, I noticed a weird odour. Oyin has just messed up my suit and hers. By this time it was already 8:10am. I went back into the house and I also discovered there were no more diapers at home. Wait, how many days does it take a baby of 6months old to finish a bundle of diapers? I just bought one two days ago?

I wore only pant for her and I quickly drove out of the estate to beat the ignoramus traffic enroute to Mama K's house. It was a successful ride. But to my surprise, I was told that Mama K was sick and has been rushed to the hospital. Jesus! Who have I offended again? Or Bayo is doing something to me so I can remain a nonentity with no driving force like him? Never, am going to break that curse today.

Do you expect more?

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