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Hot Ice 9


Episode 9

I confided in Mr Bayo so much with other two elderly men to stay with those criminals until the police arrived. I quickly put a call to Fidelis to come pick me up.

Who is Fidelis? Fidelis is the official bike man for me and my wife in time of urgency and emergency. I met him two years ago, when walk yp to me to help him. I bought the bike for him and ever since he's been very useful to us.

Mr Bayo insisted on following me to save Samantha but I declined. He kept on advising that going alone to face them is suicidal. I negate his views based on my experience with smile. I refused to be overwhelmed by my fear.

Few minutes later, Fidelis arrived. He was shocked to see Mr Bayo. It was as if they knew each other before. Perhaps they had an unfinished misunderstanding. I saw the looks on Fidelis's face, he wouldn't allow him climb his bike. I better not jump in, My Oyin is far more important than these adult throwing shades at each other.

I climbed on Fidelis's bike and turned to tell Mr Bayo to get another bike and follow my lead. Before I could finish that sentence, Fidelis sped off. All my cried to stop him fell on deaf ears. I have not even told him where I was going and he has started driving towards route. I wondered how he got to know.

Then he stopped. I asked him why he refused to carry Mr Bayo along. He said.

"Some enemies are like our favorite clothes, we thought we would do anything without them. Allow the cloth gets torn and tell me if you will not get another one."

The adage he responded with do not go in paripasu with the question I asked. I gave him the address and we sped off again. What am concerned about is my Oyin. Nothing must happened to her or else hell will let lose. To broaden my anger, no man must touch Samantha. Despite all she has done for me, either good or bad, I can't watch those uncircumcised fools lay their filthy hands on my wife. Yes, my wife. Last time I checked, am still legally knotted to her.

On getting to the hotel, it was another ball game entirely. What we saw was beyond what I thought. Zach and his gang are exchanging gunshots with another unidentified group of robbers or another hired assassins. Already, many innocent lives has been lost. Lots of wounded people crawling for safety.

There were hundreds of police officers gathered outside the lavishly erected hotel, and were strategizing how to go in and help some people that are stocked in the hotel. The gun battle was scary to behold. But to me it is nothing. Fidelis was also with me. He wanted to run, but I calmed him down.

Then near a cubicle where one Aboki sells noodles and tea, I saw an elderly man in a security uniform. He was crying and shaking profusely. As soon as the police ordered us to leave the vicinity to avoid more casualties, I joined the man in the cubicle. I engaged him in a quick chat.

" Baba, where are the other security men and why are you hiding here?

"Sir, it's only God that spared my life. They have killed my colleagues. I went to buy paracetamol at a nearby chemist, when I came back I met their lifeless body on the floor."

"For how long have you been working here, sir?"

"For three years sir."

"In every building like this, in case of fire there is always an emergency escape route. Though not known to many employees but securities and other important personnel must know this. So Baba, inside that hotel, there is my wife and my only daughter in that hotel. Now, what I want you to do for me is to tell me where the emergency exit is. Please I beg you in the name of God."

"Sir, not that I cannot tell you sir, but sir, people are dangerous. We don't know whom to trust again. I will be glad if you tell me who you are sir."

"Okay sir. My name is Raymond Daniels, I am a military strategist officer. Apart from rescuing those inside, I can stop those idiots fighting too. Trust me baba, no time. I need to go inside."

He insisted that before he told me he would go inside with me. I smell something fishy with that, but I gave him a yes.

PAD.... paying attention to details

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