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Hot Ice 8



I opened my eyes and found two heavily armed men and Mr Bayo staring at me. There was no correlation between my past life and the current life that has just been beclouded with betrayal and more pain. Seamlessly in a different world.

I remain stiff on the floor and watched the armed men closely. They were below the Sudanese rebels I single handedly dealt with. There was no man in my platoon who has my type of swiftness and intelligence. I was the right hand of my commandant's as they fed solely on my expertise as a critical thinker. And a bad ass gunnery merchant.

I looked at Mr Bayo, there was no way I could remember if we had met in my former life. My head aches the more cos I wanted to be sure all that is happening is real and not a friction created by some mere folic imagination. Tears flows through my eyes as I remembered what danger Samantha would be in.

I jumped suddenly, grabbed the two men by their necks and in tickle of an eye, they were down breathless. Mr Bayo thought I was mad. He wanted to run but I held his hand. He started begging for nothing I thought it's useless.

"Please Nick, sorry Raymond, I am not the only one.... Please allow me to confess...." He cried.

I stopped him right away because I thought what I did to those men shocked him so he thought I was going to come for him next.

" Hey Mr Bayo, don't confess anything. You are a very good man. Just follow my lead, am going to get us out of here as fast as possible." I assured him.

I saw the tiny smile on his face. I checked through the door hole and saw more men with heavy arms. Any sound of shot may jeopardize the lives of the other captives. There was a demarcation between where I was kept to recuperate and the other office where Edwin was killed. I quickly remove the door and I told  Mr Bayo to make a distress signal to one of the men on yellow to quickly come. We had plans. He didn't come alone, he called others to follow him.

Just as the eighth of them entered, I jacked the extinguisher from where it was kept and sprayed it on them all. Before they understand what was going on, I had joined them in the smoke and in less than five minutes, I kept them in their resting place.

Now that the numbers of these crazy gang has been reduced, I can cause a mild commotion in the mall to distract them. I took an alternative route in the building and I was live in the packaging room. The two men there I silently overpowered them and kept them in the boiler. Chicken doesn't die in the hot water, it died long before they get cooked.

I changed to their shirt and mask, then called another two members into the packaging store. They came and were duly dealt with accurately. But one of them did not die as I thought. He brought out his pistol and shot one of the guys working in the packaging room. Before he pulled the second trigger, I twisted his hand, collected the gun and inserted a long knife into his neck. All I see was a rebel.

Sincerely I don't know I have been fearless and mercilessly angry with these fools. But I needed to save Samantha before those fools gets her. I know I was late but I hope I can still see her before they kill her. Now I have to be tactically aware that the gunshot has alarted others that there was a interference in their plan. They were going to come for me. So I joined the three men already dead on the floor. That was a decoy. I painted the uniform with the blood stains.

Five other gang members, rushed into the packaging room and saw us on the floor. They were shocked as they kept checking us and calling names. I was just laughing in my mind. Other four began to ransacked the entire place to see who was killing them. But the one who stood by the dead bodies, he kept on looking at me and was wondering if I was actually one of them. To clear his doubt, I jumped up, gave him some life threatening punches, collected his gun and threw him against the wall. He passed out. He was lucky I didn't kill him.

From the outside people will thought there was an Internecine going on. I walked where the other four we're busy searching vigorously for this unknown impostor, and I disarmed them, embellished some punches into their skull, then tied them together. To show the other few what I can do, I dragged them out.

Other hostages were shocked and wondering who must have done this. The remaining few gang members saw me coming with the bodies and began to shake. They wanted to shot at me but they were not sure if I had a bullet proof vest on. So I stopped and addressed them politely.

"Am sorry I interrupted your job, just the same way you interrupted the business here. I have nothing to tell you except the fact that am going to kill you if you refuse to surrender. Check the cliff over there, you see your members pilled up? That's what am going to do to you to(Mr Bayo was standing with two AKs after he placed each dead body on the cliff). Am going to count one to five for you to disarm yourselves and surrender."

They love their lives so much, one after the other, they dropped their guns and surrendered.

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