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 I had just completed my three years voluntary military program in the United States, so I came back to Nigeria to see my beautiful kids and my most adorable wife. Emily was just a blessing from God. She was a complete woman in entirety. Aside most beautiful dimpled face, sunshining smile, no one matches her. For the record sake, she is the best after my mum. She competed with her almost in all things and had a close mark. If not win sef. She was the all the winner of the other room's competition.

I met her on my way back to Lagos after a general conference packaged by some PanAfrican Textile Organization in Abijan. As I sat in the business class of the plane, I noticed a very top notch smile from my left hand side. I was charged. I couldn't took my eyes off her until the air hostess jolted me back from fantasy Island. I felt this chemical reaction within me beyond the usual one I use to get for beautiful ladies. I had this inner peace. 

According to Shanghai Kun Fu, that told us that you draw your strength from your peace. I kept on looking at her until the flight was over and left the airport. I wanted to talk to her but just couldn't. By the time I gathered enough strength, she had gotten a cab and had left. I told my Dad's driver (Mr Oscar) to chased the cab tactically.

I got her house and ever since I have been sending flowers and other gift items to her with an inscription "Secret admirers". I think I did that for almost three month before she finally invited me to a dinner where I made my intension known to her. She was in between a YES and NO. So she friend-zoned me for another six months. And later we got serious. A year later, we got married and after few months we had a twins. Two beautiful girls. Ruby and Sapphire. She gave me a home. They gave me the reason why I must always come home every night. We are expecting another set of twins. That's in the blood. May you too give birth to wins. Do I hear a louder Amen? Good!

Back to my story, Emily came to hug me with her potruding belly. Those beautiful  smiles on my twins angel's faces were as bright as the sun. I met them already set to leave for Grandma's place. They clamped on me and I fell with joy. We began to jump and play to quickly catch up the years we have missed. Shhhh, my Angels has a suggestion to make.

"Private Nick, you are most welcome to our beautiful home. A gallant soldier, all our enemies are in for a big trouble." Ruby said with a bogus smile on her face.

Sapphire wouldn't keep quiet too...she was her mother's twinie. Very smart too.

"Private, stand at attention! All bullies at school and on our way home must be seriously dealt with. Our guardian angel is here, meaning anywhere we go, our angel must also go with us!!" Sapphire snapped with another lavish smile.

They conquered my thoughts and entire being. I remained at attention and quietly echoed...

"Yes ma'ams. Anywhere you go, I go. All bullies, enemies are in great danger cos my princess's Daddy has surfaced from the jungle. Say halt!!!!"

We all laughed. Mr Oscar arrived and was ready to take them. My twins refused to enter into the care except I follow them. They held my hands and started crying. I did follow them. My wife was just busy getting jealous with that smile. The only time I had to have a quick kiss was when they went inside to get their pyjamas.

Just hundreds of kilometres away from our house, I remembered that, I left my wallet and phone on the dinning table. I kissed them and told the driver I will join them very soon. They cried though but I came down from the car and began to walk back home. So I could keep up with time, I started running. There was no car or bike.

Thirty minutes later I got to my house, picked up my phone and wallet. Then I got a distress call from the same Mr Oscar.

"Hello Oga Nick!!!"

"Yes, Mr Oscar, why are you sounding like this?"

"(Struggling to talk) You need to leave your house now and run to your parent's house. Your family are in great danger."

"I can't get you very well. Danger? Where, when, how?

The line got dropped. I ran into my second car, drove out of my house with a mad speed. I was on 200sp  Getting to my parents house I saw every where in flames of fire. Though there were lots of people outside the gate peeping and watching the house razed down to ashes. But as soon as they saw my trouser which was a US army camouflage, they paved way for me to the house. The house was really burning. I could hear my twins crying from the seating room. I kicked the gate several times, it was locked with a big chain before deciding to jump in through the fence.

The building for the kids is different from the parent. Meaning, there are two buildings. But it was the other one with my kids that was burning. I went to the other house so as to jump to the balcony from there. On getting there I saw traces of blood. I quickly traced it and I found my dad's chest ripped apart and his kidney was on his hand. He was already gone. I quickly ran outside after I heard a serious shout from the burning house.

The fire was almost at the kitchen which is very dangerous based on the gas kept in the store and two separate cylinders in the kitchen. I jumped and got wounded but held on to the iron very well. Every where was locked. My wife was already choking out and I saw Ruby gasping for air. I cried for people to come help me as I struggled to gain entrance into the room and couldn't. The iron were too strong.

Sudden I got the idea to go through the ceiling. I climbed and in less than a minute, I was up there destroying the roofing sheets. Two men joined me and we intensified our effort. We uncovered it and I jumped in. My pregnant wife was gone already. I wrapped my cloth round Ruby's and Sapphire's face. I was way too weak and was getting weak as the smoke was becoming too unbearable for me. 

"I need to be strong for my kids. Your guardian angel is here baby, we are all going out of this fire together alive. Now, close your eyes baby and hold daddy tight."  I repeatedly assured them."

I forgot this part of the warning which says..." 

If you do realize that someone is missing, do not reenter the home to look for them . You are not a firefighter. Do not try to do a firefighter's job without a firefighter's equipment, training, or solid steel balls. If you do, the real firefighters will more than likely be pulling two bodies from the ashes."

I never mind though. Not at this point where you have your entire family in there. I saw how my mum and her wheelchair werer already engulfed in the flames. God this is too much for me. My strength was failing me but I held my twins close to my heart, trying to decipher which exit will be safest. The more I stay, the more I and the kids get chocked.

Suddenly, there was a massive explosion, the explosion was so much that it dismantled the roof top. The men waiting for me were thrown off guard and they died after they fell. I saw a slight staircase beside the kitchen, though very risky, but that's the only option for us. I took a deep breath and ran through.

I was almost at the second staircase, when another double filtered explosions rocked the building courtsey the gas stored in the kitchen. 

At that time I saw myself flying on the air without my kids in my hands. I fell terribly on the floor and my eyes got dazed. Just too weak to stand up. I managed to get up, staggered and feeling dizzy like a drunkard, I could feel the hotness of the fire. But I have became fearless. I wished the fire should just go ahead and kill me but allow my kids to live and fulfill their beautiful destinies. I look around and could not see them. 

At this time, the fire fighters had just arrived and were dealing with the left overs. They tried to stop me but I refused to let them. My wailing was beyond what they couldn't bear it anymore, they allowed me to moved in. Everything has been brought down to nothing. Then I saw two carcasses still in flames, so I geared all strength in me to rush in and stop them, a very big plank came from no where and hit my head, this was all I remembered.

I lost all my family members in one day to that fire outbreak. And I lost my memory too.

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