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Hot Ice 6



Zach collected the phone, read the message and screamed 

"Yes! I know that olosho go reply the message."

I waited no time to demanded for my daughter.

" Now what? Release my baby to me nah.... after all you have gotten what you wanted." 

"On the contrary Raymond, you are just too dumb to see the hand writing on the wall. The baby is not yours, so forget about it."

"That is not of your business! Give me my baby. I have respected you and your miscreants enough. If you don't give her to me, you will definitely regret this I swear!!!"

My last statement did not go down well with him, so he swiftly moved towards me and punched me repeatedly, then ordered his boys to tie my hands behind my back and took me back to where others are held bound. Just then one man with a familiar voice shouted. 

"Yes!! I know the lady in this picture. I know him very well. In fact I know her house, I know her husband too."

Immediately I heard that statement I turned. Low and behold, Mr Bayo was the one shouting he knew my wife. My anger tripled and I felt like punching him in the face. He looked at me and smiled.

What the heck is all this! Zack quickly select ten of his men including the lady holding my Oyin and they all went out of the shopping mall. The remaining men began to tie us together. They tied me and Mr Bayo together. 

Aside what Mr Bayo said, I saw him as a great threat for me in that company. His intellectual property and eloquence can not be over emphasize. No one would know he was the real boss who chose to seat behind the scene. The competition made me to be more hardworking and upgraded my tenacity in all ramifications. Every of his ideas are stylishly merged to my own while I thought it was only my Idea that was used.

I pushed him several times, hit my head against his back. He gave no sign of pain. Then I decided to have a heated chat with him. At least to know why he was also here.

"Mr Bayo, what was that for? Do you know why those people are looking for my wife?

"No, I don't but I think she must have been done something terrible. Women are very cunning. Probably stolen something from another man she went out with."

"Will you stop that rubbish! When will you stop talking down my wife. If you don't respect your wife, better respect mine."

"Respect which wife? I will rather die than to respect your wife! My wife is dead. May her soul rest in peace. That thing got no respect for your matrimonial vows. She.."

"Shut up! Now I see why you are such a talented promiscuous imbecile. Who knows how many staff's wife you have slept with."

" Am sure you know that their wives are not seen in unholy places, doing the unholy things in an unexpected unholy hour. Your wife is only a thought away from being a prostitute. I guess you know an not the only one that has rode on her?"

Mr Bayo has always held his ground about sleeping with Samantha. But how could she stoop so low. With my white boss, yes, probably the money enticed her. But Mr Bayo, hell no! I still can't believe it. I must have pushed her away. The Devil is trying to sneaked into my peaceful family. 

I have Edwin's phone with me, Zach's boys left it on the table but I took it when I was pushed out. But wait, what's Mr Bayo doing here at this time? He should be in the meeting with the CEO. At least helping out while am away here.

"Mr Bayo, why are you here? I thought you should be in the office, I mean, in the meeting by now. Why here?" I calmly said

He reluctantly spoke out with a low baritone. 

"Hmmm..... Like seriously you don't deserve what I did for you today. Boss was tired of waiting for you after his other top notch stakeholders cum investors arrived for your much awaited presentation. Few minutes after the scheduled time, he told me he had fired you. Then asked me to prepare another stuff within thirty-minutes. I sincerely told him I couldn't, except he brought you back. He was so annoyed. Then, I told him, if he can't bring you back, then I have to leave too..."

" You mean you left because he fired me?"

"Yeah..... While you are busy seeing me like an enemy, I relaxed cos I found a friend and a brother I never had."

"Hmm... Am sorry about that. Thanks so much. Am sorry for those times I had to argue and fight over rubbish we should have sorted out like real men. Am sorry. But, I remembered you told me you had a brother, what happened to him?

He was surprised...

"Oh.... You mean Nick? That bastard died a long time ago... He and his family were trapped in their house and were burnt to ashes."

Immediately he said that, my headache sudden went up with a bang, then a picture of a burning building flashed into my eyes. I began to scream.


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