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As he was trying to stop his boss from killing himself. Zach's mind was made up. When Jboy noticed he couldn't stop his boss from himself, he pointed the gun at us. At this point I saw Fidelis tiptoeing behind him. I raised my hand to show I surrendered.

Zach commanded him to lower his gun, he refused. Then Zach held his legs, Jboy turned to his boss and shot him on the head. Then revealed;

"Your tenure just got elapsed, I am the boss here. I give orders, and you must obey whatever I say."

He was about making a 360 turn when Fidelis perfectly hits him hard with the table in his hand. He passed out. I was happy Fidelis found me.

I handed over the woman and her kids to Fedelis to guide them. While I take Oyin to his mum. But as I was going, I heard gunshots approaching, I quickly handed over the baby to Fedelis and I asked him to leave the hotel premises through the same route we came in as fast as possible. 

Just as the walked some few metres away from me, I saw Fidelis slapped the woman. Then used her neck to dragged her out of my sight. I wonder why on earth could Fidelis do such a thing. Suddenly two Zach men appeared and I was about pouncing on them when one of them suddenly called my name. I was shocked. The other guy punched me and his friend did not spare him either. He shot him on the chest, he fell and died.

Let's give him Remi. He apologized for what his friend did to me. I didn't allow him do the introduction, I told him I was on the way to saving wife when they stopped me. 

"Please,I need to get to room 200 now, my wife is there. I need to save her."

"Your wife in room 200? Oh my God. Did you see a guy with a small table on his hand? He quivered.

That must be Fidelis, if he saw him, why didn't he killed him. I calmed down to listen to him.

"Am sorry to say this, but the guy you saw just shot her some minutes ago."

It was as if my existence just varnished. I couldn't hold it anylonger. I grabbed the guy's chest and gave him two profound punches and he fell. I saw his nose bleeding but I ignored. I ran to the room and I saw my Samantha in the pool of her blood. I checked her pulse and she was still alive. I quickly backed her and began to run to the exist stair cases. He jumped up and started running after me.

I got to the private elevator used by the manager, it has been taken down. The only option left for me was the stair case. I ran as fast as I could. Two other Zach boys suddenly appeared and stopped me. How I managed to squeezed life out of them was beyond my explanation. Police has successfully overpowered the rest by killing some while some surrendered.

I got to the emergency route and I found the place closed. Samantha muttered a word out...

"Baby, I was trying to tell you J15. Go home, check the fridge."

My legs suddenly became immovable, my heart's sunked in my belly and I felt the whole world was crashing on me. I adjusted her very well and I ran into some police officers who where evacuating the hostages. They allowed me to joined them as we were all running towards the gate. Suddenly one if the officer shouted that I should stop.

Some people are just too mean and heartless. My wife is bleeding to death and yet one evil genius is asking me to stop. I declined his orders and walked as fast as I could to the already parked ambulance. The paramedics refused to attended to my wife. Their non challant attitude got me aggravated and I grabbed two out of five and gave them two punches each. The others ran to report me to the police. The police who asked me to stop came with anger boiling on his face and tried to hit my head with his AK, I held his hand. His name was Officer Abu.

"Officer, I believe you can see that the woman lying down here need urgent medical attention. I implore you order those fools to attend to her right now before something else happened." I threatened.

The officer was really an evil man. He looked at my wife and smiled.

"After you have shot her, you now wanted to stylishly dump her here. Right?" He responded irresponsibly.

"Are you kidding me? Can't you see the ring in my fingers? Please officer I beg you, help my wife. She's the only thing that gives me joy. Please officer."

He ignored me and instead he pointed his gun to me and ordered me to raised my hands up. Other officers soon joined him. A senior officer appeared and began to question Abu's audacity to arrest me. The moved some metres away from me for a quick talk, though I didn't know what they say to each other, but when they came back they handcuffed me and led me into a car. I tried to protest against these I'll act, they hit my face with their rifle. I felt no pain cos I wanted them to attend to my bleeding wife. If they knew who I was, perhaps they would have second thoughts about what they just did.

This was how they took me away from my wife. The two police men winked at each other as they continued to stare at me repeatedly from the rear mirror. They turned into many streets until they got to a very lonely area. Officer Abu turned to be and said..

"You are so stubborn. Can't you just die and let everything die down? Now, see how many people that has wasted their lives because of you. I think I should let you know that, we brought you here to finish what we started."

I kept quiet and began to wonder why everybody wanted me dead. I was shocked to see officers of the law who should have been the protector of lives and properties conniving with the evil monsters to perpetrate evil. This is not so right. If Samantha dies, then there's isn't no need to fight for freedom, I'd rather die in her hands than from the hands of these fake cops.

The officers opened the door and tried to dragged me out, I stiffed my legs and allow one of them to bend to unhook my leg. Just as the officer bent, I used my second leg to jabbed his head against the ground then kicked him with force. His neck got the hook and started bleeding while he fell on the floor. Officer saw what happened and quickly tried to shoot at me, a shot came from no where and hits his chest four times before he fell and died. Remi was the shooter. 

He uncuffed me as we went another route. I never trusted him so I was some metres away from him. I watch every moves he made. His words sounded like lies until he told me how I met him. Bottom line, it is good to be good.

Remi was way older than me and very athletic. He was in his final year in the Lagos State Polytechnic, during his HND program. He has just lost his father and getting money to further his education was not easy. He came to my father's company and tried to explain to the secretary why he wanted to see the chairman. After delaying the young Remi for more than four hours, she announced to him that my dad was not on seat.

Looking so frustrated, he angrily insulted the secretary and she replied back. The frustration got the best of him that they started insulting each other. It was then my dad heard their noise and came out from his office. He said, first thing my dad said to him was 

" young man, don't fight her please, will you like to be my driver? Take the car key, go and wait for me in the car we are going out now." 

This was how he got the job. Then having worked with a very influential personality like my father, there must have been a change in his life. Then he revealed that. My dad was responsible for everything in his family and has promised him many things before the tragedy struck.

He was the driver who called me that my parents and My wife are in danger. He knew the history of what happened to my father. But I was like, who is this godforsaken idiot to tell me who my parent were?

Never judge a book by its cover.

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