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Hot Ice 14



We have been quiet for almost half an hour in the room, and nothing was heard. Suddenly I heard Zach's voice outside room 205. He was very angry. He spoke with too much gusto. He was like...

"You said nobody is in the room." Zach asked Mama

"Yes baby." Mama answered.

"What about the baby?"

"Oh, I have dropped her with Jboy."

It was as if Oyin knew they were talking about her. She started crying so loud. I gulped my spit more than the usual time. Geez! What is going to happen to us now. I became battle ready. Have got many people to safeguard at the same time. The lady and her kids, my beloved daughter. How will I do it. I was confused. But not despair. He was like...

"Open that door now Mama before I get angry!"

She was left with no option than to open the door. I held at the back of the door as usual. Oyin was crying and watching what was about to unfolds. The woman wrapped her kids around herself and began to pray. I quickly say a short prayer that if at all anybody was going to get shot, it should be me. A true soldier safe lives from the hands of the enemies. I love saving lives. It is my duty and I must do it like a true soldier does it in the battle.

I kept mute as the door open slowly until it eventually exposed the occupants except me. He wanted to know why the door stopped and didn't opened wide as expected. He saw the way the kids were looking at the other side of the door. "Well done...."  He muttered. He wanted to see for himself what was hiding behind the door. He pushed Mama away and stretched his head to see.

A devastating punch hit his forehead and he flew back to his state of initial take off. It was a miscalculation on his part. By the time he tried to get hold of the pistol hanging by his waist, Mama hits the small table beside the bed on his head and he became unconscious. Mama and I quickly evacuate the family out and left Zach there to bled to death. I quickly turned back to thank her.

" Thank you. You aren't a bad person as I wrongly thought. Why not go with us?" I advised.

" Ahahahaha.... Nope. I belong here. We started together, we must end it together here. Just go and make sure J15 pay for all that he did to your family."

"He will pay. (Though I don't know who J15 was) But you can still have a brand new start Mama. Yes, you made a wrong decision in the past. That was the past. Now you know what's good. This is an opportunity to make a fresh start and a last impression to your family that you have been bad before but now you back to put smile on their faces. I promise you, like the prodigal son, you will be accepted. Please don't wait, you may not....."

I didn't finish that sentence when I heard four gunshots. They all hit Mama from the back. She struggled to turn and at least return one back to the shooter, instead she got another shot into her skull. She fell and died. I told the family to hide in the next room with Oyin, while I face the shooter myself. Then I heard Zach voice from behind 

"If any of you move an inch I will blast your heads off." He threatened.

He was some metres away from where I stood looking angrily at me. He voiced out again.

"How did you manage to change my baby's heart? You dey use jazz right? You made me use my own hands kill my best soldier and second-in-command. Bravo!!! Two star larger beer for  you. What did you say to her that made her change suddenly? Tell me now before I burst your brain.. Because Mama wey I know has no mercy. She has killed over a hundred people single handedly without mercy. Police sef fear her. Ah!!!! Mama!!  What did you do!!!!?".

"I didn't do anything to her. She was only fed up with the kind of person you have turned her to be. She has a soul, you got nothing!!"

"Shut up!! You don't know her like I do. We already had plans to stop. Sob....sob...sob..... She.... She told me today was going to be the last time we were going to do this and I accepted. For five years we have accomplished all that we wanted. Now, just few hours to our freedom, I..... I..... No! You influenced her to hitting me on the head. We had plans to be the best parent to our unborn children. She's all have got. She's my mother, my father, my everything. Oh... Why?"

"Permit to tell you this, nothing last forever. You can't eat your cake and have it. What goes around will surely comes around."

"Oops!! Please stop that stupid crap!! What is the essence of my hustle without my baby? She's the reason why I fight, the reason why I live. Everything is gone. (He sat down on the floor, drew Mama to himself and held  her so tightly. While je continue to cry.) Baby, I let you down. I should have stopped when you told me you had a terrible dream about us. I should have believed you. Ah!!!! J15 your father! May peace depart from you." 

He kept on talking with tears flowing heavily front his eyes, then he reloadeLwd his pistol, then pointed the gun to his own head. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, one of his boys by the name Jboy appeared.


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