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"Yes, they are still tied down in the room with his wife. We couldn't find the bag you told me about. The wife has refused to talk since. Better, I think her house is a better idea. That's reminds me Madam Pat, those guys who came for Mrs Daniels killed all your boys oh. If they found out I was not with them they would have killed me too. And don't forget the money, ma. Okay. But...."

I suddenly appeared in the Manager's office again. He was shocked and was contemplating if I heard all he had discussed with Madam Pat on phone. I just watched him as he quickly changed the topic.

"But, sir there are many hostages here in the hotel here. Gather your boys in hundreds, please sir."

I didn't allow him to waste his saliva, I snatched the phone from him and threw a soft jab at the lady at the receiving end.

"No matter how faster you can run, a bullet will always get to the finishing line before you. Be prepared, I am coming for you."

This shook the man since I didn't reveal my real identity to him. He thought he can just threw some punches off my face and that will be all. He got some old George Foreman's skill. He has forgotten a punch from Mike Tyson could relaxed the man on the wheelchair for his entire miserable life. After his much anticipated punches went empty handed,he resolved in picking up his office chair. He smashed it on my head and it shattered. He was excited and was perhaps expecting me to collapse, instead, I laughed and there, he felt running would be the best option.

I wouldn't waste my pen describing how I bleep the hell out of him. I tied him to the chair, cover his mouth with a duct tape while I went back to tell Fidelis what I saw. On getting to where I told Fidelis to stand, he was not there. My fear grew and I became conscious of every movement. But how could Madam Pat betrayed her friend over material things.

While I was still thinking of helping Samantha, the lady who stole my Oyin from me just appeared in my front again. I thought I saw a ghost. No she's real. Was she wearing a bullet proof? They were truly ready. I guess they've resolved into room to room search. She might not be enough. Before she could decipher my presence I kicked the next door by my left and I ran inside the room. 

In the room I met a lady with her two kids. She was the carbon copy of her father. I needed to soothsayer to tell me she was the security man's daughter. She and her daughter began to panic seriously until she suddenly fainted. I was aware that sooner or later they would checked the room I was. But who will come in to check. My Oyin and this family who is more important.

I noticed a sound at the door I winked at the two kids and told them to just be crying and not look towards where I was hiding. Those kids were very good at it. When the lady and another Zach's boy entered, they pretended as if I wasn't there. I peeped and saw my Oyin sleeping at the lady's back. What an effontry.

"Mama, it seems this woman na Londoner, allow me to quickly run her package nah." The man said.

The lady wasn't okay with what she said so she declined.

"No, you blind? See her kids here you still want do rubbish. Why una no get sense like this nah?"

"Mama, the man wey you rape for Mile 2 na in front of his children oh abi you forget ni? Abeg, konji don dey hold me. I no go teh I swear."

As soon as the man said that, she allowed him. The man jumped on the bed and was busy removing his shirt when the lady suddenly inserted the knife she was holding into his throat. He bled to death. By this time I showed myself. She shew no sign of fear. She untied her wrapper, reach for Oyin and handed it over to me.

"Zach will probably kill me for doing this. But I don't care anymore. Too many atrocities already committed by me. He was my boyfriend, Zach was a good man until he met J15. They threatened to kill me if I refused to join them. I had the option to run, but I chose to stay with him. It was stupid but it's okay. One thing  you must know, we have been planning this outing for Five years. I only got to know you are the one we have been looking for. I had the dream to be a doctor, but that dream shattered the moment I met Zach. He taught me how to kill, smoke and drink. I abandoned my family and followed him. From the background story and what Zach told me, you are innocent but because they have sworn to wipe off all your family, that's why they wanted you dead by all means. You would have been dead if not for your wife. She was formally working for us until she stopped. She has been thwarting our plans, making us frustrated for three years now. I knew she found love. But this time, we are on the verge of finishing you and her up. Please forgive her. Keep her and don't allow those hippos lay their filthy hands on her. Take care of that baby too. We'll see in heaven. Bye."

I couldn't hide my feelings as tears flew freely from my eyes. The lady that fainted, woke up and I asked her to stay in the room. Mama told me stay back while she went ahead to tell them every where was clean. I agreed and she left.

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