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Hot Ice 12



I opened my eyes to see a very rough and tattered room. Like a fight had happened and everything was upside down. Though my vision was blurry but my hearing aids were active. I was hearing an inaudible voice crying. I stressed my eyes so I could see what was around me. And perhaps see who was crying. Yeah I saw something as my face got clearer.

Firstly, I saw Fidelis hands tied behind a chair and a duct tape on his mouth. Then towards my left was this hairy lady, with disfigured face and plasters. Instantly I knew she was my wife. Whoever has done this to my wife has touched my heart. He does that at his own peril. He must feel my wrath. I have always knew something was not right with the way my wife called she was traveling. I live a life of detail, I will give you every chance to prove yourself before i react. But at this point, seeing Samantha also hand tied down scared me. I became confused.

Inasmuch I feel more aggravated and aggrieved, I still think I must have pushed her to doing what she does. Am weak, my head pounds so hard, so much disbelief in my thoughts and most importantly, my baby. I don't know what's happening to her now. For the fact they laid their hands on her, that fellow will be sentence to death. I bragged in my thought. With all my strength, I arose with the rope tied to my body with the chair, moved like a heavy truck, raised my leg and I removed the duct tape in Samantha's mouth.

"Samantha, tell me it's not true?" I whispered with tears flowing down my eyes...

"Am sorry baby. It wasn't all true but I changed later." She begged.

"Changed later? See honey, I know I pushed you to doing those trash. But you should have called me and I would have apologized. Instead of going and doing something that could hurt and tear our beautiful family apart."

"Am sorry Nick. Sorry Raymond. I tried baby. I tried telling you but you wouldn't give me chance to explain to you. Many times I came to meet you at the study room for something even dropped letters on your table. All you do is throw it inside the dustbin."

"Since the first three pieces of papers I saw were compliments. I ignored others thinking they were all the same stuff. You should have sent me mail."

"I did Ray. I sent it to your mail several times, you always ignore my chats on Facebook and WhatsApp. I also sent quite numbers of a document to you on WhatsApp thinking you would download it and talk about it but no..."

"I remembered the document. I did downloaded it but you my work was much and I forgot about it. Tell me what transpired between you and Mr Bayo?"

"Bayo? The one in your office?"

I became lost with the way she just pretended as if she has not met him before. Chai, woman! I shouted at her.

"Shut you cheap slut!!! You think I won't find out? All your lies, deception and betrayal. You think life will be fair to you, never! You can't eat your cake and have it. No it's not done that way. I thought Bayo was a bad person, but no, I was wrong. He was one of the honourable man I never knew existed. He told me everything. He caught you with that bastard Edwin. Yes. You deceived me into this marriage. Bayo slept with you? Gosh!!! You disgust me! You knew Oyin was not my daughter, yet you watched me care for her like my flesh and blood? Samantha!!!!! You are evil!!! 

She suddenly raised her voice beyond mine...

"Oyin is your Flesh and blood!!!!! You can take her blood samples for a DNA test. She is yours! Yes, I was on a mission, that's why I never got pregnant for you for ten years."

That one weak me when she said that I swear. I calmed down a little bit.

"Samantha, what do you mean by that?"

"I don't trust this man here baby. When we leave here I will tell you."

"You are so funny. This man here is far better than you. He brought me here. If you can't talk now, then forget about it."

"Okay.... don't blame later. Remember when we went to see doctor Albert, because of your early ejaculation? The drug the doctor gave me was a sperm neutralizer and contraceptive to prevent me from getting pregnant. Those times I use to reject your bed offer, we're times the drugs were finished. But, one day, you were sick and rushed to the hospital, it was acute headache you had. I found out that Dr Albert was going to kill you, so I took you away from the hospital to another hospital out side the city. I couldn't watch them harm you. The pills almost destroyed my womb, that's why it took me some time before we had Oyin. Am sorry honey. Yes I was with them, but I fell in love with you and I tried save guiding our family."

I felt like a heavy truck fell on my head. My headache increased and I could hardly hear words again. Burning houses, my twins, my late wife and parent, all flashing in my vision and I couldn't help but struggle more on the chair they tied me into. I shook it vigorously like hundred times per minute and it became very weak. The rope got slackened and in one more push, I broke lose. Nothing feel so great like freedom. 

I stood up, untied Fidelis, and we were ready to bounce. By that I mean, I left Samantha in that same hotel room. Let the wicked die in their wickedness. 

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