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Hot Ice 11


Episode 11

We got the third floor of the presidential suite via the elevator inside the manager's office.  The first room we entered we saw the lady holding my Oyin. She had succeeded in tying the hands of the couple she met in the room. She already killed another man with them.

My anger jumped over the boundary and I pounced on her regardless of the gun she was holding. After four rounds of slaps, her gun flew away. I then raised her up. 

"Of all creatures God created, women are the best. But I can let you see my beast side and I will devour you right now if you don't tell me where my baby is!"

She was looking at Fidelis too. I thought I had been so hard on her, I handed her over to Fidelis and quickly untied the couple. Suddenly Fidelis shot this lady twice in the chest. I quickly held his chest and queried him for such mean act. 

"Why? Fidelis why? How do I get my baby now?

"She gave me a name that's why I shot her. We don't need her anymore. She would slow us down."

"Even if she gave a name. We can still keep her here and handed her over to the police. At least to know those who sent her. What is the name she gave?"

"Am sorry. She said 'Pat'."

Pat? God!!!! I hope is not the same Patricia that I know? My head started aching again. Pat? The same lady I and my Family helped from the scratch to being wealthy. People are too wicked.

Pat's husband has just been sacked from her job just few weeks to their wedding. I took a loan from the bank to assist him gets back up. He told me he wanted to start his own business. Aside the loan, I gave him thirty percent of my savings. Even linked him up with my boss. Everybody trusted him.

To my surprise, he came back two days to their wedding and told me he was robbed. I felt like shooting his head. I forgave him and collected another loan for him. I sponsored the wedding too. Then one morning Pat ran to me that the idiot was nowhere to be found. That was not even the case, he collected some millions from my boss in my name, then also went back to the bank and obtained another bogous loan in my name. Pat forged my signature and also used my house as collateral.

How she got to see my house documents still baffled me. Despite that we still helped the wife. Got her a job, now see? 

“To he who is right in mind, he can do all the wrong things and it will still turn out right. To she who is wrong in mind, she can do all the right things and it will still turn out wrong.”

As we watch the Wall Street rich get richer (many of whom created our economic crisis) while honest, hard-working people get poorer, a question naturally arises:

“Why do good things happen to bad people — and so many bad things happen to good people?”

It sometimes feels like we’re living in a perpetual opposite day, where “Love yourself

not your neighbor” seems to be the golden rule and “Take and you shall receive” appears to be the principle of abundance. In the self-help/spiritual arena, the pain is felt even more acutely; where’s karma, the law of cause and effect, the law of attraction? if you’re a good human being, good stuff is supposed to happen to you, right?


It’s a common misunderstanding to believe that “human goodness” leads to the experience of human good. In fact, that’s not always — or even often — the case.

Here is the real principle of life: Consciousness is cause.

It’s not so much the actions we take, but the consciousness behind them, that determines our experience. If a greedy person believes they’re worthy or capable of creating wealth, they’ll create it. If a generous and kind person doesn’t feel worthy or abundant, they’ll end up a broke do-gooder.

It’s not personal, it’s principle.

Derek Rydall(author Law of Emergence)

I was about turning to see who had just joined us in the room when something hit my head and I passed out. 

Then I saw a big container hanged on a very very high and tiny rope on the verge of falling to the ground. I checked the ground and found a lady carrying a baby girl and we're both tied to an iron scattered on the floor. My fear grows and I could feel every part of me screaming at the top of my voice. The container was heavier than the rope holding it. So the rope already stretched to it's limit and at this point it will fall on it's victim. No doubt if it falls on this mother and child, they would be grounded completely.

I cleared my face and saw the lady carrying baby was my Samantha and the baby she was carrying was my Oyin. Ah! Double tragedy. I can't let this happen to me again. I tried to make a move but a very big chains was holding me to that spot. Who could have done this? What was My offence? You took away my parents, my first family now Samantha and my Oyin. Nope!!!

Suddenly, the rope gave way and the container fell......

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