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Hot Ice 10


Episode: 10

The odour oozing terribly out of this tunnel was destiny threatening. I led the way without fear. How we sneaked into the tunnel I don't think anyone saw us. I could hear the man talking to somebody on phone. Within the tickle of an eye he switched from the normal English to hausa language. I ignored him and continue my journey.

Fedelis met me and told me to allow the elderly to be at our front and not vice versa. It makes no sense to me. I guess he was suspiciously suspecting this old man was planning to sell us out. Before I could call the man to tell him what to do, Fidelis has started questioning the man. I stood there and calmly watching what was about to unfolds.

The first fist that landed on Fidelis's face was less compared to the devastating punch that almost made the elderly man passed out. I jumped in between them and settled the matter like a real judge. I didn't believe what Fidelis told me, but what if it is the truth. I cleansed his mouth and quietly showed him my pistol as I ordered him to lead the road. He was confused why I believed Fidelis and not him. I also told Fidelis to walk after him while I remain the chairman from the back.

We got to the tail end of the tunnel and I discovered the slow pace at which the security man walks. I tapped Fidelis to keep some distance from him. Whatever made him slow down may as well stop us from getting what we needed. Suddenly, we started hearing gunshots and the shots hit this elderly man so badly. While in confuse state, my leg hits the wall just some few metres to the exit point of the tunnel and to my greatest surprise, the wall shattered. Another mini tunnel was there, it led to the building.

Fidelis and I dragged the wounded man into the shattered wall with us. Where the hole led us into was amazing. It led us right into the office of the Manager. He almost melted when he saw us. He was hiding under his table as the gunshot continue to hit the building with anger.

There was no way we could save the elderly security man. He was badly hit with heavy gunshots. He kept on looking at Fidelis. He needed to look at him because, if not for Fidelis, I would have been in his shoes. I knew he doesn't have much time and I needed to extract some information before he kicks the bucket. But before I could utter any word he whispered into my ears..

"People are not who you think they are. Don't judge people based on what you heard, judge them based on who they are to you."

I don't know what Fidelis is thinking in his mind. I removed my shirt and placed it on his wounded chest to prevent air from penetrating into it. There was no First-aid on sight. I allowed his head to rest on my leg. While I began the interrogation.

"Baba, why did you do it?"

"Ah.... I never knew it was going to be like this.

"Who sent you? Who else knew about this plans?"

"They called us and promised to give us 2millon naira each.

"So because of two million naira you wasted your life. Do you know any of them?"

That answer was interrupted by the call that came into his phone. I checked and saw "My Anita".

"Baba, My Anita is calling. Who is she?"

"Ah am doomed! ,That is my daughter. She just came back from the US with her kids."

"You mean your daughter is also in this same hotel where you are paid by some criminals to kill somebody? Baba, you are evil. Who in particular did they ask you to give them his or her information?"

"Ah..... One woman like that (he brought out a printed paper in his pocket, and I saw Samantha's picture). That is the woman sir."

"Hmmm... What did they ask you to do to her?"

"They told me to get them her room number."

"Did you get it? Tell me?

"Room 200...cough"

"Sir, that woman you gave them her room number is my own wife."

"Oh my God, am sorry please. Emmmmm, please help me tell Anita, tell her to forgive me. Tell her I sold the car she sent home and I have also sold the lands she bought. I spent the money she sent to take care of her mother. Please beg her for me."

"That's your problem, not mine. Whatever happens to your daughter is for you to regret all the evil you have done in the past. May you rut in hell."

I couldn't believe I just scolded a dying man. This is not me. But, he wouldn't let go of my hand. At this time, he could only pick one word at a time. I took pity on him and decided to ask what he wanted me to do. His eyes looks so pale as he continue to force the words out.

"Please, Anita, my grandchildren needs your help. Please help them." 

"I won't let your evil doings shorten the lives of those innocent kids. What room are they?"

"Room.....(started gasping for air) Room......"

"You can't do that now sir. This is the lives of your children, I can't save them if you don't tell me their room number. Please stay with me..."

I began to hold him down to make it easy for him to reduce the gasping. He looked at me then turned his eyes angrily at Fidelis. I wonder why. But shortly before he gave up the ghost, he whispered "205".

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