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Fan says Davido is dating Chioma because Chioma's father is richer than his

Fan blast Davido: Just like last year, the
year of bashes and blasts on celebs by
fans, it seems this year might just be the
same or even worse and this one is
definitely the most notable thus far.
Notable, not because it’s Davido but,
because it is somewhat revealing and
insulting at the same time.
Revealing because, it might be that this
“fan”, may know a thing or two about
Chioma and her family. Truth be told, we
have never thought of digging into
Chioma’s past/present, but we just might
now, for the fact that, this “fan” is accusing
Davido of dating her because she is from a
wealthy family.
Anyway, we all know Davido has been over
the moon with his recent bae (hopefully,
this will be his final bus stop in love and
loving), and he has not stopped showing
the world how much he loves her by doing
what he knows how to do best; spending,
spending and spending on her of which
Chioma will certainly be loving, not just
because he is gifting her expensive stuffs
but also, because she is getting loads of
attention from fans and free press of
After Davido decided to share another
romantic time with bae (Chioma), then
revealed her sister’s birthday will be
coming up soon and vowed he and his
gang will shut down the celebration, a fan
blasted him, claiming Davido is doing all
these because she is from a wealthy home…
Meaning, he is a gold digger?? You mean,
Omo Baba Olowo, a gold digger… Come on
bruh! Lol..
Well, after he put it up on his Instagram
page and got a lot of clap-backs from loyal
fans of Davido, who didn’t hesitate to
mince their words, he immediately deleted
his post and changed his profile to
“private”. Well, well, I guess Davido’s Social
Media armies will be doing the fighting for
him this year

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