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Donald Trump calls Africans and Haitians people as Shi*thole countries

President Trump is under fire for lamenting
the immigration status of some countries in
the temporary protected status and saying
they are from shi*thole countries.
He made this statement during immigration
negotiations on Thursday with lawmakers in
the Oval Office, according to The
Washington Post., Fox News, CNN and a
host of other media reports.
Trump allegedly said:
“Why are we having all these people
from s---hole countries come here?”
The president was referring to people from
Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and
African countries in the temporary protected
status program, a source in the meeting
told Fox News.
About a dozen people, both Republicans
and Democrats, were in the room at the
time he made this statement. And
according to a source, a lot of them gasped
at Trump's statement.
The president also suggested the United
States should admit more people from
countries like Norway instead of people
from the sh*thole countries.
Trump had met with Norwegian Prime
Minister Erna Solberg and held a news
conference with her Wednesday.
In a statement, the White House did not
deny Trump made the comments.
Raj Shah, the principal deputy White House
press secretary said:
“Certain Washington politicians choose to
fight for foreign countries, but President
Trump will always fight for the American
Democrats reacted by accusing the
president of racism.
“As an American, I am ashamed of
the president,” said Illinois
Democratic Rep. Luis Gutiérrez. “His
comments are disappointing,
unbelievable, but not surprising. We
always knew that president Trump
doesn’t like people from certain
countries or people or certain
Some Republicans also voiced their
disapproval. Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-
Lehtinenm said:
“Language like that shouldn't be
heard in locker rooms and it
shouldn't be heard in the White

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