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Cries over inadequate fund was made Nigerian Senate

Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has
lamented that the National Assembly is
grappling with funding constraints in
carrying out its statutory functions.
Mr. Saraki noted that contrary to public
perception that the National Assembly is
being overfunded, increase in legislative
activities especially that of the 8th senate
has created funding constraint for the
legislative arm of government
According to a statement by his special
assistant on print media, Chuks Okocha,
the senate president said this when he paid
a visit to the chairman and members of the
National Assembly Service Commission at
its temporary office located in Utako,
Abuja, on Wednesday.
In response to a request by the chairman of
NASC, Adamu Fika, to have a permanent
office of the commission inside the
National Assembly complex, Mr. Saraki
pledged his support towards the project,
while noting that adequate funding remains
the major challenge of the National
The statement quoted him as saying, “One
of the things that I see here today is the
issue of budgetary constraints. However,
the impression around the country is often
that the National Assembly has too much
money. But we have seen the challenges of
the last few years.”
He added that the bulk of work of the
lawmakers, which have increased in recent
years, account for the rise in funding
The statement further quoted him as
saying, “As we work through the number of
bills passed, the public hearings held, and
the number of ad-hoc committees that have
been established — we know the challenges
of not being able to fund some of our
“So far, I am happy to report that despite
these constraints, the 8th Senate has been
able to surpass all previous Senates in the
number of Bills that we have passed in 2-
years — despite the funding gaps.
“We know that as we continue over time,
people will begin to have more confidence
in the National Assembly. However, right
now, the challenges that we have are the
issue of perception, and the issue of
funding. We need to work hard to change
this,” he said.
Mr. Saraki who is also the chairman of the
National Assembly, sought the
commission’s cooperation in redeeming the
image of the legislative arm of government.
“Therefore, we all have a lot of work in
trying to make the people appreciate the
role of the legislature in our democracy,”
Mr. Saraki said. “This has not been easy,
this is why I am sure that working with the
Commission, we can work towards this
together so that we can improve the image
of the National Assembly.”
Earlier, the Chairman of the NASC,
DrAdamu Fika, lamented that the
commission still operates from a rented
apartment with the attendant cost.

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