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Comedian AY and Singer Davido Sued by Lagos state Government

Singer Davido and comedian Ay, have been
sued by the Lagos State Government
for refusal to remit their taxes.
According to a source close to both men,
they have on different occasions been
issued letters and called to make payment,
but they both have continued to avoid tax
According to the source;
Notable among these alleged tax
offenders are two of Nigeria’s celebrated
artistes –Davido and AY, the comedian.
Both artistes have had a long standing
battle with the Lagos Internal Revenue
Service for tax evasion.
Davido, who has record deals with Sony
Music Entertainment and endorsement
agreements with various companies in
Nigeria, has not filed his tax returns or
remit any taxes to the Lagos State
Davido, has however denied this saying he
pays his tax to the Osun state government.
AY too said the same thing. The
comedian claimed to be paying his taxes to
Ondo State, where he hails from. It seems
these celebrities don’t understand that the
tax law stipulates that you must pay your
tax to your state of residence.
Anyway, we are already in court. Others will
soon appear in court if they don’t obey the
state tax law. You can’t be making money
in Lagos and refuse to pay tax.
Both men, have now been charged before a
Lagos High Court for tax evasion.

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