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Buhari failed his million supporters and made them turn against him.

President Muhammadu Buhari rode on the
goodwill of millions of Nigerians to emerge
as the 7th democratically elected President
of Nigeria. The hope and optimism
expressed by the people towards his
change mantra was unprecedented.
Three years down the line, many of his
supporters have been left disappointed,
disillusioned and defeated by his woeful
performance so far. Notable personalities
like Olusegun Obasanjo, father Ejike
Mbaka, Bisi Akande, Dele Momodu, Aisha
Buhari (his wife) and many others who had
in the past given their full support to his
administration have expressed sadness
over his inability to effect the change he
promised. Even his wife Aisha publicly
revealed that her husband’s government
has been hijacked by a powerful cabal who
take decisions without his knowledge and
In October 2016, Aisha had raised alarm
saying she will not support her husband’s
re-election bid because he was not in
control of his government. In a BBC
interview, Aisha Buhari suggested his
government had been hijacked by only a
“few people”, who were behind presidential
She said the president did not know most
of the officials he had appointed. It is two
years since she made that statement and
nothing has changed. She recently showed
signs that her husband hasn’t changed
after she retweeted two video clips
lambasting the President over his
nonchalant attitude towards the massacre
of Benue indigenes by Fulani herdsmen. If
the President’s wife can openly reject her
husband, what do you expect from the poor
masses who feel abandoned by Buhari?
The past three years have been one of
missed feelings. Buhari’s effort in tackling
Boko Haram is undeniable, however, it has
been mainly overshadowed by the military’s
false claims over and over again that it has
defeated the terrorist group and killed its
leader, Abubakar Shekau. Such blatant lies
put the government of President Buhari in
a very bad light as one fueled by media
propaganda. The military was given 40
days to capture Shekau in late 2017, the
days came and passed like any other day.
The military nicely kept mute as Shekau
appeared in videos taunting them. Boko
Haram continues to claim more and more
lives as it gets stronger and stronger. Over
300 of its captured members have been
released by Buhari’s government. Yet, the
government through its propaganda
machine regale Nigerians with tales how
the terrorists have been defeated. In spite
of all this claim, the government has gone
ahead to seek approval for $1 billion to be
used in the fight against Boko Haram – a
group the government claimed it had
defeated on numerous occasions.
How Buhari failed his supporters
1. During his election campaign, President
Buhari promised to give the power sector a
total repackaging considering the outcry by
millions who yearn for steady electricity
supply for household and business
The government through its Minister of
Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde
Fashola claimed it has jerked up power
supply from a mere 3000mw to 7000mw in
October 2017. But the issue of electricity
supply still remains a matter of the more
you look the less you see.
Joy Ogaji, Executive Secretary of the
Association of Power Generation
Companies revealed that Transmission
Companies in Nigeria can only distribute a
capacity maximum of 5,500mw. Even at
that, she believes the country has only been
able to transmit a mere 4,500mw. What
this means is that the government’s claim
of generating 7000mw of electricity is just
a bogus statement to titillate the ears as
millions of Nigerians will still sleep in
darkness because only about 4500mw of
electricity or less can be transmitted.
According to a World Bank 2017 report, 75
million Nigerians do not have access to
electricity supply.
The Spectator Index of the world’s worst
electricity supply in 2017 ranked Nigeria as
the second worst electricity supply nation
in the world. This was contained in a report
it released in 2018.
Of the 137 countries examined in the
report, Yemen ranked as worst electricity
supply nations in 2017, followed by
Nigeria, Haiti, Lebanon, and Malawi.
The claim by the government that it has
improved power supply in the country can
only be seen on paper as Nigerians are yet
to witness any significant change. They
sleep and wake up in darkness. Buhari’s
government continues to make bogus
claims on the pages of newspapers without
anything to show for it.
2. Many of Buhari’s supporters especially
those from Benue state have come to see
the President as an ethnic warrior and a
political bigot following his remarkable
‘silence’ while Fulani herdsmen murder,
rape and massacre people in Agatu, Logo
and Goma areas of Benue, including other
parts of the country.
Buhari did not visit the people to console
them after the massacre some weeks ago.
He was totally nonchalant as he found it
even difficult to condemn the killer
Buhari is viewed as a president who enjoys
crushing any uprising from other ethnic
groups with brutal force but romances the
bums of his kinsmen who have raped,
pillaged and massacred innocent villagers
in hundreds.
Buhari’s reluctance to prosecute killer
herdsmen has become a weakness too
intolerable. 73 innocent villagers were
brutally murdered in their sleep By Fulani
herdsmen last three weeks, yet the
government has not arrested let alone
prosecuted them. The President instead of
hunting down the killers had admonished
Benue people who visited him in Abuja to
accommodate the herdsmen. The Fulani
herdsmen are viewed as an untouchable
group that no matter what crime they
commit, nothing can be done to them, that
is why they fearlessly murder innocent
people without security operatives making
any arrest.
In 2015, Global Terrorism Index named
Fulani militia as the fourth deadliest terror
group in the world, yet Buhari’s government
has consistently claimed that Fulani
herdsmen are not terrorists. But each time
they take their cows to graze in people’s
farms, those people end up dead. In
February 2016, suspected Fulani herdsmen
attacked a village in Agatu, Benue State
and reportedly killed at least 300 people.
They are yet to be arrested and prosecuted
as I write.
These herdsmen attack helpless
communities with Ak47 guns and other
dangerous weapons without security
operatives arresting them. They invade
farms and ruin goods worth millions of
naira. They murder and rape farmers who
challenge them, yet President Buhari has
not found it worthy to stop his killer
The failure of Buhari who is indirectly
siding with his kinsmen has won him many
enemies including those who supported him
in 2015.
Buhari didn’t waste time to deploy the
army against the helpless Indigenous
People of Biafra members protesting
peacefully in the South East. They were
dehumanised, murdered and killed by the
men of the Nigerian army under Buhari’s
order. These young IPOB members had no
weapon but were declared a terrorist group
by Buhari. IPOB didn’t kill anyone, didn’t
rape anyone and didn’t set communities
But the murderous Fulani herdsmen who
murder, rape and set communities ablaze
are allowed to walk around free with the
government defending them. One should
not look far to see the reasons why many
people have been left disappointed by
3. Buhari has a history of sheepishly
supporting those he feels are his own.
When Secretary to the Government of the
Federation, Babachir Lawal was indicted by
the Nigerian Senate over alleged breach of
Nigerian laws in handling contracts
awarded by the Presidential Initiative for
the North East (PINE), President Buhari
defended Mr. Lawal.
The ad-hoc committee on “mounting
humanitarian crisis in the North East” led
by Senator Shehu Sani had discovered that
Mr. Lawal received N200 million contract
to clear “invasive plant species” in Yobe
State through a company, Rholavision
Nigeria Limited.
The Senate asked for Lawal’s suspension
and sack. The Senate said Mr. Lawal
remained a director of the company till
September 2016, over a year after his
appointment, in breach of Nigeria’s code of
conduct for public officials as enshrined in
the 1999 constitution.
Mr. Lawal denied the allegations,
dismissed the Senate as saying
“balderdash”, and accused the lawmakers
of attempting “to bring him him down at all
President Buhari defended Lawal and
refused to sack him. However, after setting
up a committee to probe Lawal, he had no
option but to fire the loud-mouthed Lawal.
The report of the probe headed by VP
Osinbajo was never made public. Many of
Buhari’s supporters are disappointed that
he has the penchant for defending his own
people even when it has been established
that they are not innocent. Yet, he wastes
no time in sending security operatives to
harass and intimidate opposition party
members ‘accused’ of corruption. It was
under Buhari’s watch that men of the
Department of State Security Services
invaded the houses of Judges in gestapo
style after they were accused of corruption.
Some of the judges were acquitted, as the
agencies rushed to arrest them without
proper investigation. Too bad for a man
said to be an anti-corruption czar.
In his three years as President, Buhari has
been accused of surrounding himself with
people of questionable character.
For instance, his Chief of Staff (CoS), Abba
Kyari was accused of taking N500m from
operators of MTN to help the
telecommunications giant mitigate the fine
imposed on it by the federal government,
according to a Sahara Reporters
investigation. Shockingly, the matter died a
natural death.
Just recently, the Attorney-General of the
federation and Minister of Justice, Ibrahim
Malami was accused of secretly aiding the
controversial reinstatement of embattled
former head of Presidential task force on
pension reform, Abdulrasheed Maina to the
position of a director in the Ministry of
Interior after he had been sacked by former
President Goodluck Jonathan over
allegations of fraud. Malami up till now
still holds the view that he did the right
thing. Instead of answering questions on
his alleged role in the embarrassing
incident, Malami ran to the court to get an
ex parte order stopping the probe by the
Senate Committee. If he is innocent, why
run to court to stop the probe? These are
the kind of people Buhari has surrounded
himself with. People of questionable
On Wednesday, a sycophantic Minister was
stopped from distributing Buhari’s 2019
campaign materials during the Federal
Executive meeting even when the President
has not made his intention to re-contest in
the 2019 Presidential election public. This
is totally against the Independent National
Electoral Commission’s directive that no
such thing should happen outside the
calendar it gives for political campaigns.
These are the type of charlatans Buhari has
surrounded himself with without knowing
that they are doing all these to consolidate
their own individual interests. Yet, Buhari
looks on like a kid who got lost in the
market place.
4. Buhari has failed on his electoral
promises. The President before the 2015
election had promised to ban all
government officials from seeking medical
care abroad in order to reduce government
expenditure. He did ban government
officials but flouted the ban himself. As a
firsclass hypocrite, the President shocked
the nation by spending over three months
treating himself in London. While many
cannot afford standard healthcare because
of the abysmal condition of our hospitals
in Nigeria, the President rushes to London
for treatment at the mere sign of a cold. A
leader who exhibits this kind of hypocrisy
does not have the interest of his people at
Buhari promised to create 720,000 jobs in
the first year of his administration. It was
Vice President who made this public in
January of 2015. He had said that the
government of Buhari had created plans to
employ 20,000 young persons per state as
such, urged people to vote them into power
to actualize the grand plan. Apart from the
N-power scheme which the government
claims has employed about 200,000
graduates in late 2016 on a meagre
N30,000 less than $150, there is nothing to
show that the government is ready to
redeem its pledge.
According to statistics released by the
national Bureau of Statistics for the 4th
quarter of 2016, about 3.67 million
Nigerians lost their jobs under Buhari in
2016. Also, the number of unemployed
Nigerians rose from 7.51 million at the
beginning of October 2015 to 11.19 million
at the end of September 2016.
The government is yet to create 20,000 jobs
per state as it promised in 2015.
While Buhari’s benefactors, media aides,
advisers and people of interest continue to
feed his ears with all what he wants to
hear, millions of Nigerians have since
realized that the Buhari they voted for in
2015 is not the same person in 2018. He
promised them change, but gave them
Buhari is preparing himself to be shocked
the same way ex-President Goodluck
Jonathan learnt that the voice of the
people matters if he doesn’t do something
Never in the history of this country have we
seen a president so clannish and
unapologetically bigoted in his reasoning
so much so that he set aside the federal
character principle only to feed the whims
of his kinsmen by using them to fill
strategic positions of authority.
Buhari has handed Nigeria’s security
apparatus to his kinsmen. Does it mean
there are no other people qualified from
other ethnic groups to hold these positions
other than his kinsmen from the north?
Here is a summary of those holding
strategic security positions appointed by
Chief of Army Staff – Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf
National Intelligence Agency – Ahmed
Rufa’i Abubakar
Nigeria Immigration Service – Muhammed
Minister of Defence – Mansur Dan-Ali
Nigeria Police Force – Ibrahim Idris
Director, Department of State Security
Services – Lawal Daura
Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission – Ibrahim Magu
Nigeria Customs Service – Hammed Ali
Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps-
Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu
Nigeria Prisons – Ahmed Ja’afaru
While Buhari continues to say that the
unity of Nigeria is not negotiable, he has
unwittingly been hitting up the polity with
his nepotic appointments. His inability to
understand the dynamics of internal
politics betrays recent insinuations that
he’s a true democrat.
Not only does he lack the intellectual clout
to force the promised change, he doesn’t
possess the wherewithal to negotiate the
country out of its latest economic and
political quagmire.
5. Nigerians were sold a bait when the
government selfishly and in a heartless
manner removed fuel subsidy and hiked the
price of petrol to N145 per litre. Buhari’s
government had sold millions of Nigerians
the dummy line that removing subsidy
would allow the government the ability to
use the resources to develop the refineries,
stop fuel scarcity and make fuel readily
available for millions. It was a good script
Nigerians in their numbers bought it. Sadly,
the removal brought untold hardship on
Nigerians, forcing goods and services to
triple in price. People mourned, shouted,
cried but the government promised them a
sweeping change. The government said it
was better for Nigerians to suffer its effect
for a short time as things are likely to
change. That was just another falsehood.
Nothing has changed. The suffering has
increased leaving many boiling with anger.
The Senate some weeks back were shocked
to have discovered that the Buhari
government is still paying fuel subsidy
after it had told millions of Nigerians that
subsidy had been removed. It means that
the government is paying itself subsidy
which it said it had removed. According to
the Senate, the government-owned Nigerian
National Petroleum Corporation solely
imported fuel last year and paid itself
subsidy. This grand conspiracy the Senate
said is an act of corruption, happened
under Buhari’s nose.
Even with the removal of fuel subsidy and
the hike of petrol to N145 per litre,
Nigerians have been suffering since
November as fuel scarcity crippled the
nation even as I am writing today, there is
still no fuel. Many people have been forced
to buy fuel at N500 per litre at the black
This simply shows that Buhari is either an
accomplice in this grand act to defraud
Nigerians or he’s not in charge of his
government. Many Nigerians have been left
disappointed by Buhari as he continues to
prove that he was certainly ill-prepared for
6. The many gaffes of Buhari’s government
has left many people wondering if this is
the change they voted. If not for
Obasanjo’s scathing letter to Buhari, the
push-around Economic and Financial Crime
Commission wouldn’t have realized that it
was time to investigate and arrest
disgraced Babachir Lawal months after he
was sacked by Buhari.
Just the same way Buhari is expecting
another letter from Obasanjo before he can
punish high-ranking members of his
cabinet who were complacent in the secret
reinstatement of Abdulrasheed Maina.
What other grand way to show that Buhari
is not in control than the epic appointment
of dead persons into boards of government
agencies. How irresponsible can this
government be?!
It is over two years since men of the
Nigeria Army following a minor dispute
reported invaded the residence of El
Zakzaky razing it down. Over 300 of his
members were brutally murdered by
soldiers according to reports, his children
were killed before he alongside his wife
were tortured and locked up in custody for
over two years now. His religious members
have protested and campaigned for his
release endlessly, but instead have been
hunted and attacked by security operatives.
There is no freedom for Zakzaky and his
wife at sight.
It is the same case for former National
Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki who has
been in detention for 3 years now. Even
though he has been ordered to be released
by the court, the government has refused to
release him.
In conclusion, the general feeling of
Nigerians towards the government of
President Muhammadu is that of
disenchantment. Many have been left
totally disappointed with Buhari, even his
die-hard supporters. The worst thing to
have happened to Buhari is the sycophantic
shouts of his numerous benefactors who
have refused to allow him see and know
what Nigerians feel about his government.
They have continuously fed his ears with
juicy stories about his performance so far
which is totally false. They have continued
to shout down on people expressing sincere
opinions about the ills bedevilling Buhari’s
government. These nitwits are all over
social media  praising Buhari even when he
goes wrong.
Whether he listens or not to the words of
wisdom, his fate will be ultimately sealed in
less that a year and half of his
administration, if he continues with this
shambolic attitude. Even the blind can see
that he plunged millions of Nigerians into
poverty and suffering since he took over
power more than 2 years ago. If he doesn’t
take a firm grip of his government, what
happened to Goodluck Jonathan awaits
About The Author
Alexander Thandi Ubani writes from Lagos
He’s an Editor at
Twitter: @thandiubani

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