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Your Social Media Profile Is Better Than Your CV – Be Careful On What You Post Online

Social media use to be a pleasure park in
the last few years, but presently it’s
become a large industry, and it has
become an integral part of our daily lives.
Often times we are overwhelmed by the
euphoria of socialization, based on the
idea we once had about Social media in
the past, but truth be told, curiosity has
made us demand more from her.
The 21st century curriculum vitae is our
social media page . Hope you ain’t
surprised, why you haven’t gotten that
dream job yet..
We have categories of social media users,
they include
1. Business minded people
2. Information/news seekers
3. Friendship/chatting/fun
4. Religious/ entertainment
5. Social media observers.

Well, I fall under group 5. We’ve been very
active online since the beginning of (social
media) time but do not shout, you can call
us social media introverts.
From a very long time, I’ve known the
social media is a double edged sword, that
if handled properly will propel you to that
height of possibilities and if the opposite
is your case, it may propel you to
somewhere below what you wouldn’t wish
for your enemies.
Imagine how success stories tears the
internet and how scandals set the internet
The internet is indeed an egg (fragile) .
Most of us may think the social media is a
place to express ourselves, chill with
friends, make comments and exhibit our
social lives.
But that ideology died a while ago,
It is believed that your profile speaks
volumes about you.
This is how you know, imagine how many
people’s profiles your anonymously view
everyday (hope you won’t spy my profile
after reading this *Smile*), and as much
profile you view, the tendency of
summarizing people’s personalities from
their profiles isn’t far fetched.
If you are guilty of the above like me just
be rest assured people snoop into your
profile too on a stead.
I wish Facebook provides a visitors
counter( an idea for Facebook),to check
how many persons spy your profile daily,
you would be amazed who is checking you
**** Imagine Dangote himself checking you
out on Twitter, some people will argue that
he wouldn’t have such time, but……….
that’s a gist for another day. ****
In present day, it has become a norm in
most multinational firms, Embassies and
other government offices to peruse your
profile to gain more info about you.
Your CV is what you tell the company
about yourself but your Social media
profile is what the World sees about you.
Don’t be deceived, as part of their criteria
for selection, your name is been googled
and all your social media platforms are
been checked and scrutinized.
This is because, if you are comfortable
commenting, liking, sharing and uploading
what you’ve uploaded in your profile so far
with an average of 500-2k friends , then
their are possibilities that, that is the real
Most persons will argue about this point,
because they think social media operates
on extreme rules but think through it..
See, You are responsible for what ever
appears on your profile.
Remember this:- The internet is a virtual
1. Setup your privacy settings to restrict
certain activities on your profile from
2. Scan your profile and see if it matches
the live you are projecting.
3. Delete things that do not conform to
your general ideology.
4. Expunge irrelevant, pics, comments and
5. When updating status, remember that
the whole world sees it.
Note:- This is not a complete set of rules
to follow in your social media activities,
but it’s intended to guild and build a
branded ONLINE Reputation for you.
“The internet never forgets.”

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