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why we Think #OLIC4 was a Low Turn out

OLIC4 was just concluded days ago at the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Lagos and the turn out for the event was not as much as expected. People expected Olamide to fill the stadium just like he has always done in the past. Critic had their own say on the low turn out for the show, said reasons like the day for the show and poor planning led to the low turn out. But here at Naijaloaded even if we had our own share of the cake, we believe OLIC4 was a success with the following reasons: 1. The Security Was Tight. Maintaining a good security routine in such open space isn’t an easy task to carry out, the planners of Olic 4 didn’t fail in this aspect, as they were able to organize capable security team, both within and outside the stadium. With this in check, cases like, rape, assault, stolen goods, wasn’t at any point recorded through out the event. 2. Free Food For All. Olamide did well in that area, both the VIP and the regular all got the same food and all in same food stance, no segregation or discrimination of any sort, and this went round for everyone. So OLIC4 is qualified to be called Free food for all. 3. Performances Were On Point. All the artiste that were present for the show, didn’t fail to deliver, from the upcoming artiste to the ones that we all know. Singer LAX spiced up the event with his Corper’s Uniform, to show that even corpers can control the crowd. These Are The Few Reasons Why We Think OLIC 4 Was A Success Despite Low Turn Out!

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