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Why I Lied That I Was A Virgin – “Jenifa’s Diary” Actress, Toyo Baby Confesses

Before now, everyone else believed Juliana
was a virgin as she had said so several
times on interviews and shows!
In her 150 pages book (REBIRTH), she
explained how she confessed to her foster
father Timi Adigun and his wife after they
all thought she was a Virgin.
She went further to write about how people
assumed she was a virgin after her
Instagram post and how she had to lie on
She wrote:
However, the fact that I had
confessed to TiTiMi Adigun did not
mean the world
now knew. People had assumed I
was a virgin. I had never said I
was but I had never
corrected their assumptions
either. So, I was still in that fix.
Shortly after my confession, Ebony
Life TV called me for an interview.
I went and
for the first time in my several
interviews, I was asked point
blank if I was a virgin. I tried
to evade the question, but my
interviewer was not having it. She
demanded for a yes or
no. I did not see the question
coming and I lied. I said, “Yes, I
am a virgin”.
Immediately the interview was
over, I hurried to the bathroom in
the studio and
cried. I felt terrible for lying and
told God I was sorry. I called Dee
on my way home and
confessed my wrong. I explained
further when I got home.
The next thing he said shocked
me. He said, “Call her and confess
the truth. Ask for
a rescheduling of the interview; do
it again and undo your mistake.”
I was not going to do that. I felt it
was my secret and the whole
world need not know
about it. I was upset with myself,
however, for answering her. I
could have insisted I
could not tell. So, I proposed
never to answer such again.
Easier said than done, right?
Shortly after, I was on another TV
interview, Crux Of The Matter,
with Elsie. I was
invited to talk for s*xual purity
while the other guest spoke
against. In the process of the
discussion, around the time when
it was heated, I was asked out of
the blues again if I
was a virgin. And before I knew
it, I heard myself lying again. I
was mad at myself.
I was on another TV interview that
trended for a while. It was On The
Couch, with
Lady Ariyike. I talked about
s*xual purity, but thankfully I was
not asked if I was virgin.
After that one, I decided to stop
interviews altogether. I was tired
of lying or having to
dread lying if I was asked straight

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