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EPL: I might leave Manchester United – Fellaini

Manchester United midfielder, Marouane
Fellaini, has admitted he might leave the
club, even if he is given another contract
Fellaini, who could leave Old Trafford for
free in the summer, turned down an offer
in September.
The 30-year-old midfielder expects the
Premier League giants to make another
proposal, but concedes it might not
change anything.
“Honestly, I don’t know. I do have
something in mind, but I cannot say
anything about this yet.
“If Manchester didn’t want me anymore,
they would have told me. They made an
offer and they will likely make me another
one. Whether I will accept that I am not
sure. Those things don’t happen
overnight,” Fellaini told Belgian
publication, Humo.

United manager, Jose Mourinho, has made
no secret of his admiration for Fellaini,
describing him as “very important” earlier
this season.

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