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Biafra: MASSOB, IPOB were formed to defraud Igbos – Eze Ezewuiro

Eze Soronnadi Nwabueze Ezewuiro, Mayor
of Igbo Nation in Diaspora, has declared
that the Movement for the Actualisation of
the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB,
and the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB,
are non-Governmental Organisations,
NGOs, set up to defraud Igbos.
Ezewuiro maintained that people involved
in promoting the groups and Biafra
ideology have nothing to do with the
interest of Igbos in Nigeria.
Speaking with journalists in Calabar, the
Cross River State capital, Ezewuiro
lamented that most members of the
groups are illiterate.
According to Ezewuiro, “IPOB and MASSOB
are NGOs set up by some individual to
scam Ndigbo. They only added the
ideology of Biafria to their struggle to get
followership and platform to scam more
people both home and abroad.
“The two organizations are the private
NGO of certain individuals and have
absolutely nothing to do with the collective
interest of the Igbos in the country.
“It’s unfortunate to note that the people
who are following the leaders of these
organizations are illiterates who are
carried away by false propaganda.
“Biafra soldiers are rotting away at Oji
River in Enugu State and the so called
proponents of Biafra are making money
from traders and then doing nothing to
rehabilitate these people.
“Mr. Ralph Uwazuirike set up his personal
NGO and called MASSOB claiming to be
crusading the interest of the so called
Biafra in the South South, South East.
“MASSOB was his personal NGO which he
was using to skim and obtain money from
our people overseas who have not come
home for some time now”.

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